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CNC machine maintenance methods

2018/10/24 8:04:18 Viewers:
The main contents of daily maintenance of CNC CNC machine tools: the daily maintenance of CNC machine tools requires maintenance personnel not only to have mechanical, processing technology and hydraulic knowledge, but also to have computer, automatic control, drive and measurement technology knowledge, so as to fully understand and master the CNC lathe, do a good job in time. Maintenance work.

The main maintenance works are as follows:

(1) choose the right environment for use. The operating environment of NC lathe (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference) will affect the normal operation of the machine tool, so the installation of the machine tool should strictly comply with the installation conditions and requirements specified in the machine tool instructions. If economic conditions permit, the NC lathe should be installed in isolation from ordinary machining equipment for easy maintenance and maintenance.

(2) CNC lathe should be equipped with specialized personnel in NC system programming, operation and maintenance. These personnel should be familiar with the machine tools used in the mechanical, numerical control system, electrical equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and other parts of the characteristics of the working environment, processing conditions, and can be in accordance with the machine tools and system instructions for the correct use of CNC lathes.

(3) timely cleaning. Such as air filter, electrical cabinet cleaning, printed circuit board cleaning.

(4) Machine tool cable inspection, mainly to check the cable moving connector, bend out of contact, broken wire and short circuit and other faults.

(5) In some CNC systems, CMOS components are used to store the parameters, which are maintained by battery power when power is cut off. When a low voltage alarm occurs, the battery must be replaced in time, and must be carried out in the state of power on the control system, otherwise the storage parameters will be lost, resulting in the NC system can not work.

(6) maintenance of CNC lathe is not necessary for a long time. When the NC lathe is idle, it should be energized to the NC system frequently and run empty when the lathe is locked. In the Meiyu season when the air humidity is high, it should be energized every day, and the humidity in the numerical control cabinet should be driven away by the heating of the electrical components themselves to ensure the stability and reliability of the electronic components.