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Tips for hinge mounting methods

2018/10/12 10:04:39 Viewers:
1, preparation tools

Prepare special installation tools before installation, such as tape measure/level ruler for measurement, woodworking pencil for drawing line, wood hole opener/pistol drill for opening, fixed screwdriver, etc.

2, draw line positioning

First, use the installation measuring board or woodworking pencil to draw the line (the drilling margin is usually 5 mm), and then use a pistol drill or a woodworking hole opener to make a 35 mm hinge cup mounting hole on the door panel. The drilling depth is generally 12 mm. ;

3, fixed hinge cup (hinge products)

Fix the hinge cup with the self-tapping screws in the hinge cup hole on the starter panel of the hinge sleeve;

4, fixed base

After the hinge is embedded in the cup hole of the door panel, the hinge is opened, then the side plate is inserted and aligned, and the base is fixed by a self-tapping screw;

5, debugging effect

The last step is to open the door to test the effect.

The general hinges can be adjusted in six directions, aligned up and down, and the two doors are moderately right and left. The best effect of the cabinet door debugging is better. The clearance after closing the door is generally 2 mm.

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