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Basic structure of aluminum box

2018/6/1 17:50:17 Viewers:
A splints: fierce competition, some of the counterparts to reduce the price of the box to reduce the use of materials that do not meet the design requirements, such as the use of 8mm to replace the 9mm splint, and even some of the worse board (MDF, large core plate), so that the box will be swollen after wet, so that it can not be used normally.
B aluminum: aluminum is also thick and thin, aluminum is the skeleton of the box, the degree of thickness in addition to the appearance of the box in addition to the aesthetic sense, more important is when the box to bear the impact of external force, to maintain the stability of the box. Aluminum must be used for the use of oxidized aluminum, because there is no aluminum in the oxidation process. As long as it is placed for a period of time, it will naturally oxidize and be dumb, which directly affects the beauty of the box.
C Hardware: the structure of the hardware, the thickness of the material has a direct influence on the use time of the box. Many manufacturers or users like to use the hardware products of plating, because it looks beautiful for a short time, but when the products are actually used, the plating will be easily damaged and rust after the damage; and galvanized. Although the appearance of the hardware is ordinary, it can automatically release the decomposed protective layer and prevent damage, so as to achieve a good anti rust effect.
D shock proof layer: the high density (EVA glue) and pearl cotton in the box, the density, hardness and thickness of these two kinds of cotton determines the protection and the degree of shock resistance to the loaded articles; the three parameters must be moderate, the density and the hardness are too high, which will affect the shock resistance; too low, easy to sag and affect the service life.
The last part of F is the most important part of the wheel. There are many kinds of wheels. There are PVC wheels, PU wheels, load wheels and so on. And according to the other parameters of the wheel, such as single bearing, double bearing, single brake, double brakes, steel thickening, the high and low temperature and weight can be borne; the price varies from a few to dozens of pieces of one and one wheel. Good or bad directly determines the normal transportation, placement and use time of the box.