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Data of straw baling machine

2018/6/5 10:55:12 Viewers:
Semi automatic ensiling and wrapping machine is an automatic wrapping of straw and forage grass after kneading. The equipment is upgraded on the basis of a generation of products, and the upgrade of automatic switch storehouse design, pneumatic unloading device and so on after forage bundles. It has the characteristics of high automation, fast speed of binding, large density of coating, flexibility and so on. After the forage is bundled, the feeding time of green forage can be extended. After sealing, it will naturally ferment and produce beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, protein and so on, which are beneficial to the intake of cattle and sheep after feeding. It is widely used in silage and dry storage of forage grass in animal husbandry.

Technical parameters:
Model: RX-
DK5252B type

Supporting initiative: 5.5KW

Conveyor belt power: 1.1KW

Envelope maneuver: 0.55KW

Production efficiency: 45-65 bundles of /H

Size of bales: 520 x 520

Weight of bales: 20-80KG

Envelope number: 2-6 layers

Equipment size: 3250 x 1500 x 1400mm

Equipment weight: 670KG