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Which kind of vibration screen spring has good shock absorption effect?

2019/4/8 13:08:36 Viewers:
1. Maintenance and service life

Air springs need almost no daily maintenance, and can be regularly dedusted, because each spring with a pressure meter and a level control unit can easily see its working state, pressure regulation is also very important, just press the button with your finger, the service life is generally more than 30 years.

The steel spring can not detect its working status, only after the damage can be found, such as during the use of the test, it is simply impossible. With the increase of self-stress, the stress difference of each spring becomes larger and larger, and its service life generally does not exceed 15 years.

2. Isolation efficiency and range

Vibration isolation efficiency refers to the amount of vibration that isolation system can isolate when a fixed excitation frequency occurs. Vibration isolation range refers to the frequency range in which the vibration isolation system can effectively isolate vibration. The isolation efficiency and range are related to the resonant frequency of the isolator. The lower the resonant frequency of the isolator, the higher the isolation efficiency and the larger the isolation range.

The calculation shows that for the same excitation frequency of 10Hz, the isolation efficiency of steel spring is about 80%, while that of air spring is 98%, that is to say, 98% of the vibration is isolated. Of course, the smaller the excitation frequency, the more obvious the advantages of air spring relative to steel spring in vibration isolation efficiency.

For air spring, as long as the vibration frequency is higher than 0.85Hz, effective vibration isolation will be produced. For steel spring, vibration isolation can be achieved only when the excitation frequency is higher than 4Hz. That is to say, the steel spring has no vibration isolation effect between 0.85Hz and 4Hz, while the air spring can effectively isolate vibration. Moreover, the isolation efficiency of air spring is always higher than that of steel spring no matter how large the excitation frequency is.

3. Horizontal Regulation of Vibration Isolation System

The mass block of the vibration isolation system is suspended. After the initial horizontal calibration of the test platform, it can not guarantee that the test platform will always be horizontal in the future.

If the steel spring isolator is used, after the position, weight and center of gravity of the test machine or sample are changed (such as changing the test sample, replacing the transmission with the axle, or adding a sample of the transmission), the horizontal degree of the test platform will change, and the stress of several steel springs in different positions will be uneven. First of all, we need to solve the level problem, manually install gaskets, apply jacks and other facilities, no position sensors, using a level ruler to verify the level of the test platform, time-consuming and laborious. After solving the horizontal problem, the second problem can not be solved, that is, the force of each spring is not uniform. The different deformation of each spring results in the difference of its internal stress. The performance of each spring will be different, and the isolation efficiency and service life will be greatly affected.

The vibration isolation system of air spring perfectly solves the problem of horizontal adjustment of the test platform. Each air spring vibration isolation system is equipped with an automatic horizontal control unit. Applying the principle of three-point leveling, all air springs are divided into three groups, each group is controlled by an air pressure control valve group. Each group of air springs has a position sensor, which can automatically adjust the air pressure to achieve the purpose of adjusting the level of the test platform.

After changing the position, weight and center of gravity of the test machine or sample (such as replacing the test sample, replacing the transmission with the axle, or adding a sample of the transmission), the level of the test platform will change, and the automatic horizontal control unit of the air spring vibration isolation system will begin to function, and the level of the test platform will be automatically adjusted by a small amount of air charging and discharging. With very small difference in the height of each air spring, the pressure is not the solid part of the air spring itself, but the compressed air, which has no effect on the air spring itself.