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What is sales? How to make a good sale!

2018/6/13 14:51:09 Viewers:
What is sales? In the daily work, I found that a lot of sales personnel are just selling things blindly, think selling is selling, in fact, it is not, let me talk to you about what is sales, but some personal experience summary.

First of all, in order to better communicate with customers, we must create a good communication environment, laying the groundwork for future sharp problems. Then, through communication to understand customer dissatisfaction, find out customers' opinions and different needs for similar products, and find out the pain point. Then, it will enlarge the communication problems and make the customers feel very painful to use other similar products, and then find the exact breakthrough. Finally: confirm whether the customer wants to change the idea, create an atmosphere to look forward to the future with the customer, and tell the use of this product to achieve the desired dream.  This is the basic selling skill.

Sales steps;
1. understand the strengths and weaknesses of your products, and collect customer information at the same time.
2. make the corresponding sales plan according to the market demand
3. services contribute to the three point market demand of customers, and the estimated cost of products:

Sales are very simple, the most important thing is the popularity. People are good. Even if the product can't be sold, they can't sell them well, and the good products can't be sold out. So the sales products are selling themselves; we must understand their products and maximize the advantages of the products; we must understand your customers, especially with you. The person to talk about, such as his anger and sorrow, personal interests, and so on; it must be remembered that we do not sell the product, but help the customer to solve the problem; to stand in the position of the customer and the company to consider the problem; to do a good job of the customer's advisor, to help the customer to solve the problem; to let the customer understand the benefits of buying your product is What? We can't just make a single business with our customers, and let our customers publicize them so that customers can become media for promotion. Only in this way will it be possible to succeed. Victory must be written in the form of a client approved plan. Even if you have ideas, you should turn him into a customer's idea. Therefore, we must communicate with customers in advance. No matter what sales are now becoming more and more specialized. Some of the so-called sales skills will be replaced by specialization. Because your unprofessional customers will doubt you, and you will also doubt your product. Therefore, your professional level determines your income. Gas sales are not only professional but also tough and tough. In sales, we must advance the advantages of your products and the value that can be brought to the customers. Don't wait for other people to sign a contract to regret it. Don't be afraid of your customers. Well managed words are angels, and bad management is the devil. No one in the world looks down upon you, many times you despise yourself. As long as you do not kneel, no one is higher than you.