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Some views on Forging Technology

2018/6/5 11:12:08 Viewers:
Forging is a method of metal processing. The greatest advantage of this method is that it can increase the performance of the metal at the same time, because in the process of forging, the faults and cracks inside the metal blank are removed. In fact, the degree of the metal particles in the metal is added in the process of forging. In this way, the excess impurities in the metal can be clearly cleared when forging.
Under the condition of modern technology, almost any metal material can be made into forgings or parts by casting. Today, forging accuracy is getting higher and higher. It can reach or even surpass the usual accuracy level of machining. Such as all kinds of cold and temperature kneading standard parts, precision forging gear, precision forging blade, precision forging shaft and so on; the weight of forgings is more and more large, with the presentation of large hydraulic press, the component of free forging exceeds one hundred tons, the outer diameter of die forgings also reaches more than 100 centimeters; the confusion degree of the forgings is also obvious because of the presentation of the multi parting surface. The hollow pipes with rifle line can be directly formed on the special forging equipment.
In general, forging processing is not a particularly complicated process. In the process of forging, two methods are generally used, one is the free forging one is a die forging, and the two methods have their own advantages.