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What are the types of gaskets??

2018/5/25 9:15:00 Viewers:
垫片垫片垫片就是垫平的产品: 垫片的型式type of gasket
平垫片 flat gasket
环形平垫片 flat ring gasket
平金属垫片 flat metal gasket
夹棉织物的橡胶 elastomer with cotton fabric insertion
夹石棉织物的橡胶 elastomer with asbestos fabric insertion
夹石棉织物及金属丝加强的橡胶 elastomer with asbestos fabric insertion and with wire reinforcement
无石墨压缩白石棉垫片 non graphited compressed white asbestos gasket
天然白橡胶垫片natural white rubber gasket
压缩石棉垫片 compressed asbestos class gasket
石棉垫片 PTFE impregnated asbestos gasket
夹石棉的缠绕金属垫片 spiral-wound metal gasket with asbestos filler
内环 inner ring
外环,外定位环 outer ring
波纹金属垫片corrugated metal gasket
波纹金属包嵌石棉垫片 corrugated metal gasket with asbestos inserted
双夹套波纹金属包石棉垫片 corrugated metal double jacketed asbestos filled gasket
双夹套垫片 double jacketed gasket
金属包石棉平垫片 flat metal jacketed asbestos filled gasket
整体金属齿形垫片solid metal serrated gasket
槽形金属垫片 grooved metal gasket
环形连接金属垫片 ring joint metal gasket
八角环形垫片 octagonal ring gasket
椭圆环形垫片 oval ring gasket
透镜式垫片 lens gasket
非金属垫片 non-metallic gasket