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The advantages of the electrostatic precipitator

2018/6/22 18:19:21 Viewers:
The efficiency of purification is high. The electrostatic precipitator can improve the efficiency of dust removal by increasing the length of the electric field, increasing the effective flow area of the electric field, improving the control quality of the controller and adjusting the flue gas to improve the dust removal efficiency. For conventional electrostatic precipitators, the efficiency of dust removal is generally higher than 99%. It can be covered with fine particles of more than 0.01 microns. In the design, different operating parameters can be used to meet the required purification efficiency.
2. Resistance loss is small, equipment resistance is small and total energy consumption is low. The total energy consumption of the electrostatic precipitator is composed of the energy consumption of the equipment resistance, the power supply device, the heating device, the vibrator and the auxiliary equipment (the discharging motor, the gasifier and so on). The resistance loss of ESP is generally 150 ~ 300Pa, about 1/5 of bag filter, and the share of total energy consumption is relatively low. Generally, the flue gas consumption of lOOOm /h is 0. 2-0. 8kWh. Generally below the 20 mm water column, compared with the cyclone separator, even considering the power consumption of the power supply unit and the rapping mechanism, the total power consumption is still relatively small.
(3) large amount of flue gas treatment. Because the structure of the electrostatic precipitator is easy to modularized, the device can be enlarged. The maximum electric field cross-sectional area of a single electrostatic precipitator reaches 400 square meters.
(4) allow high operating temperature, for example, the SHWB type ESP is best allowed to operate at 250 C, and other types also reach 350~400 C or higher.
It can fully realize automatic control of operation.