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Cause and solution of abnormal pressure difference of bag filter equipment

2018/6/5 10:58:53 Viewers:
The cause of abnormal pressure difference of bag filter and its solution. The dust cleaning system of the bag dust collector has 3 kinds of cleaning methods: timing, constant pressure and manual cleaning. The basic purpose of dust removing bag cleaning is to control and stabilize the pressure difference. How to find out the reasons and solutions if the pressure difference is abnormal in the bag filter equipment? .
The reason for the control of pressure difference by the equipment of the bag dust collector:
First, timing control differential pressure is simple, but not the most economical way.
Two, artificial timing does not ensure that every time the filter bag needs cleaning, it will be cleaned.
Three, usually, the pressure difference of the bag filter can be controlled, how much is it good, how much is it more scientific? The working experience of the company's factory for many years, the running resistance of the common bag dust collector will be adjusted and controlled above 1000Pa, and the high is only 2500~3000Pa, if it is as high as 6000Pa, It is not normal, at this time we can judge that it is the problem that the dust bag or the dust collector equipment has a high resistance, or the problem of the burning of the cloth bag.
Four. When the boiler coal industry used the bag filter in our country, the running resistance is also under 1000Pa, which can reduce the energy consumption of the dust collector, but this control reduces the efficiency of the dust removal, shortens the life of the filter bag, and the economic burden is also aggravated.
Biomass boiler dust collector (2)
Bag filter
A solution to the abnormal pressure difference of the bag dust collector
Reason check: (1) the dust of the dust bag is too much, it can be more troublesome through multiple vibration cleaning, cloth bag blockage (the import humidity is too large or the ignition oil does not burn out the adhesive bag), it may reduce the load operation or lead to the stop of the furnace according to the load of the fan.
Treatment measures: temporarily remove a filter chamber and then speed up ash transportation, and use the ash conveying power to carry out the reverse blow filter chamber.
(2) the dust removal device of bag filter has lost its proper function, making the dust layer adhered to the surface of cloth bag thicker and thicker resulting in sudden increase of pressure difference.
The cause of abnormal pressure difference of bag filter and its solution. More about the product knowledge of bag filter can contact us.
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