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The role of the winder before the cloth is cut into bundles

2018/10/12 9:50:28 Viewers:
    The winder is a part of the whole set of stripping machine, its main function is to take up the fabric. So what is the role of this machine in the whole process? What effect does it have on subsequent cuts? This is the topic we are going to discuss today.

China is a big garment manufacturer and uses a lot of fabric every year. Therefore, the demand on the finishing machine of the fabric is very large, and the winder is a machine for taking up the fabric. It can make the fabric easy to store, and it can also be applied to other aspects, such as the winding of the fabric at different angles in the packaging, or the winding of the fabric for subsequent cutting, etc. . Today we mainly talk about the application of the winder to take up the fabric.

The main function of the rolling machine in cutting the bundle is that the winding machine can roll the cloth neatly, so that the cloth can reduce the cutting distance when cutting the strip, and can make the cutting without deviation, which is beneficial to the cutting. Moreover, the fully automatic winder is equipped with a coder that records the length of the take-up fabric and the speed of the take-up.

Therefore, the winder is very important when cutting the bundle of cloth, which makes the cloth automatic and convenient in cutting the bundle. Therefore, the winder is a very important equipment in the clothing industry and is a must-have device.