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Why homemade robots are only four big families

2018/6/6 19:05:54 Viewers:
Although China has made a lot of efforts in the field of industrial robots in recent years, the progress of domestic robots is obvious to all. However, in terms of comprehensive competitiveness, the domestic industrial robots are still more than the "four families", such as Na, ABB, KUKA and KUKA. Why in the end?

No core algorithm "brain" is not smart enough

In 2015, some people compared the production of domestic robots with ABB in 2005. The result is that the two can not be said to be equivalent, and the ABB product is more prominent in some ways. Because our country has never grasps the core algorithm of the industrial robot core controller, the "brain" of the domestic industrial robot is not smart enough, and the key indexes such as stability, failure rate and ease of use are far inferior to the four families.

Insiders call the core controller the "brain" of industrial robots. Because the core controller is the key component that affects the stability of the robot, software is equivalent to language, transmitting the idea of "brain". To express the language accurately, it can not be separated from the core algorithms. For many years, the "four families" have sold the key components such as servo systems, decelerator and encoder to the world, but the core algorithm has been in a state of secret. Without the core algorithm, it can be used for the robot products that do not need high precision, but if they want to apply to the aerospace, military industry, automobile manufacturing and other high-end fields, domestic robots will be hard to spare and can only rely on imported industrial robots.

The core algorithm not only has great influence on the core controller, but also has a great influence on the servo system. When each robot moves, the core controller, servo driver and servo motor are required to cooperate with the three parties. Because the core algorithm can not keep up with the servo system, the response speed will be much lower than that of foreign products. As far as the single servo system is concerned, the precision of the domestic robot is good, but the high end robot usually has more than 6 servo systems at the same time, and it is difficult to obtain the desired control effect by the traditional control method.

Through the bottom algorithm, the foreign core controller can operate the motor directly through the current loop of the servo system to realize the precision control under the high dynamic multi axis nonlinear condition. Therefore, the "four family" robots have faster response speed and more accurate positioning. Failing to master the core algorithm is equivalent to a person who is mentally sound but has obstacles in language expression, and can never express himself in the normal language. This problem is reflected in industrial robots, which is one of the important reasons for the low stability and high failure rate.

Decelerator is difficult to be manufactured with high technical difficulty

At present, the world's largest manufacturer of reducer is nabbotst Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., the company is the world's dominant professional robot for robot precision cycloid reducer, its core product is the precision reducer RV series. Early in the early 1980s, at the request of the world's leading robotics manufacturers, nabbottk made the precise and reliable design of the RV reducer, which had already been used successfully in the excavator industry, to be used in the strict robotics industry.

Precision reducer manufacturing, investment and high technical difficulties, there are high barriers. So as far as it is concerned, the industry is basically using the Japanese - made reducer, and if it wants to break through this technical barrier, it will take great effort.

Short development time and insufficient international competitiveness

After nearly half a century of technology precipitation in foreign enterprises, the understanding and optimization of technology is not pursued in a few years in China. Insufficient development of process software has led to the weakness of comprehensive competitiveness of domestic robots. In a single field, compared with the second line brands abroad, in the comprehensive field, there are no advantages for the four big families. In the long run, domestic enterprises are unavoidable to meet the problems of financial difficulties and technical R & D barriers.

Many domestic robot enterprises can not say hard in recent years, but if the core algorithms, decelerator, process software and other aspects are not significant breakthroughs, domestic robots will always be affected by people.

There are many robot enterprises will be troubled by a problem: "I have produced products, but no one to use, how can enterprises survive, how to get development?" I have heard this sound more than once, the domestic robot want to get the development, can not rely solely on the efforts of the enterprise, the support of the policy, the market recognition are the important pillar of the development of the domestic robot. Only in the course of user's practice, can we constantly give feedback to manufacturers so as to gradually polish out more excellent products. Only in this way, can enterprises have more energy and money to invest in R & D, to break through the core technology, and let domestic robots stand in the center of the world stage.