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How to infect customers hearts

2018/9/21 17:41:48 Viewers:
In the entire sales process, salesmen have to say a lot, but speaking is to pay attention to methods. Below to share with you how to use words to guide the customer's thinking and needs, how to infect the customer's heart.

Learn to praise customers.

To put it simply, praise is to speak out the basic facts of the customer and to express their true feelings. Praise is the lubricant of human communication, and is also a necessary skill to effectively use the "soul shifting method". Most of the time, marketers are not dealing with problems, but the mood of customers and the mood of customers.

Using "pain" to stimulate customers' desire to buy

The motive of all human actions is not to pursue happiness, but to escape pain. At the same time, in pursuit of long-term happiness, people are willing to endure temporary pain; in order to escape long-term pain, but can give up the present happiness - this is human nature.

If the marketer can guide the customer's humanity through the "soul-shifting method" and make the customer feel "pain" at present, only by enjoying our products can they "escape from the pain" and thus "pursue happiness", the achievement of sales is very simple.

Learn to win orders by requesting instructions.

Negotiation is conditional exchange and position is different; negotiation is the exchange of interests, each side has its own trade-offs.

In the process of negotiating with customers, marketing staff often encounter very firm positions of customers, at this time we can take the method of consulting, to let the other party feel that we are abandoning their own interests, making concessions, so as to achieve the purpose of signing a contract.

Learn to let customers speak for themselves.

Customer rejection is mostly a "habit" at work, a habit, as we ask a person whether to drink water, he will be very accustomed to say not to drink, but if we pour water to him in front of him, he will still drink.

Because the customer is struggling, the customer is very upset, why do we have to take the money! So the sales force has a strong ability to deal with customers when faced with the "mood first, then deal with things; first deal with emotions, then reason" skills. At the same time, according to experts, if a person is praised for a long time, his mood will become pleasant, IQ will decline, the marketing staff should not be stingy to find a customer's praise point to praise.