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What are the characteristics of the oil glue compound machine equipment?

2018/6/14 8:27:50 Viewers:
The oil glue compound machine is a combination of two or two layers of materials and adhesive, so that raw materials can get new functions. Such as film, aluminum foil, film, paper, non-woven fabrics and so on. It can also be combined with films, sponges and fabrics, while ordinary soft packaging materials are basically composite products.

It is generally believed that the oil glue compound machine is a kind of compound equipment, such as home textile, clothing, furniture, automobile interior decoration and so on. It is mainly used in all kinds of fabric, leather, film, paper, sponge layer or multi-layer composite. The concrete is divided into rubber composite material and rubber composite. The rubber composite material is divided into water rubber oil, PU glue, hot melt adhesive and so on. The composite process of non adhesive direct hot press or the use of flame composite material.
The characteristics of the equipment are as follows: 1. These two layers of materials can be bonded together to make the composites fastness better. At the same time, it can also be used for the adhesion of three layers of thin materials, so as to increase production efficiency and reduce production cost. 2. The double rubber groove mesh belt is combined with high temperature net and pressed to make the composite fully exposed to the drying cylinder to improve the drying effect and make the processed material soft, washable and fastness. 3. This machine is equipped with automatic infrared adjustment device, which can effectively prevent the deviation of the net belt operation and prolong the service life of the net belt.