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Properties and Advantages of Titanium Basket

2018/12/24 15:25:35 Viewers:

Properties and Advantages of Titanium Basket

Titanium Basket Performance, Advantages and Use Notes I. Introduction of Titanium Basket

Titanium basket is composed of titanium plate and titanium mesh. The thickness of titanium is between 0.5 mm and 2 mm. Abstracts from: ( China Painting Equipment Network. The common meshes of titanium baskets are 6mm *3mm, 10mm *3mm, 10mm *5mm, and the wider sixteen mm *8mm, 25mm *15mm, etc.

Titanium baskets have high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and oxide film on the surface. Under normal plating conditions, this film can prevent current from passing through the titanium baskets and direct current to the anode material in the titanium baskets.

There are various types of titanium baskets, including round, rectangular, dish, etc. Special design can also be made according to the requirements of the product.

Titanium baskets are usually used in conjunction with anode bags. Anode bags are usually made of polyester (polyester) or polypropylene (polypropylene) fibers with acid and alkali corrosion resistance or oxidation resistance, which are coated outside the titanium basket to prevent impurities such as anode sludge from mixing into the tank. Sometimes, in order to prevent the slime from burring, double-layer anode bag can be used. When using double-layer bags, the inner bags should be tightened and the outer bags should be looser. Anode bags should have good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and elasticity.

2. Advantages of using titanium baskets

1. Effective control of the ratio of anode to anode area

2. Anodic dissolution is good and less anodic slime is produced.

3. It is convenient to load or supplement anode materials. Anode maintenance is also relatively simple

4. Anode material can be used adequately and corner material can be used to save energy consumption and reduce cost.

5. It can prevent the uneven current distribution caused by the dissolution of the lower part when using the anode plate or strip.

6. Improving the load capacity of the anode, increasing the area of the soluble anode and reducing the passivation of the anode

7. Continuous deposition, balanced flow distribution, high anode efficiency, low voltage loss and low consumption

3. Key Points of Titanium Basket Design

1. The conductivity of titanium is poor. Generally, the electric current of the hook outside the water is not more than 0.24A/mm2, and the electric current of the hook in the water is not more than 1.5A/mm2. Otherwise, the heating of the hook will cause the temperature of the electroplating solution to rise, the refrigeration capacity to increase, the waste of electricity and even the plastic tank to be damaged by heating.

2. Titanium basket hooks and electrodes do not generally use plane or circular contact, which is liable to cause poor contact and lead to spot corrosion of the electrodes.

IV. Notices for Use of Titanium Baskets

1. Titanium baskets and anode bags are immersed in 10% alkali solution for 6-8 hours, washed and dried, and then immersed in 5% dilute sulfuric acid.

2. When the titanium basket hook is obviously heated, it can increase the number of titanium basket or increase the cross-section size of titanium basket hook to improve the conductivity of titanium basket.

3. Titanium baskets should be slightly higher than the liquid level of 30-40 mm in order to prevent the outflow of anode slag.

4. The lower end of the titanium basket should be higher than 100-150 mm of the parts (shade can be added near the liquid level), so as to avoid excessive concentration of the current of the parts at the lower end and cause burning.

5. Titanium baskets should be in close contact with the anode. Otherwise, the anode potential on the titanium baskets will rise sharply, resulting in oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reaction on the surface of the titanium baskets, resulting in damage to the titanium baskets and oxidation of additives.

6. Titanium baskets should be wrapped tightly in anode bags. A few centimeters gap should be left at the bottom of the bags to store the anode sludge that may be produced.

7. Clean the anode bags and titanium baskets every half month to one month, and replace the damaged anode bags to ensure that the bath and bath are free from pollution.

8. Replenish or enrich anode materials in time so as to avoid overhead when nickel is insufficient, otherwise titanium will be eroded.

Introduction of Zirconium Baskets

Zirconium can withstand the corrosion of fluoroboric acid (HBF4). The corrosion resistance of sulfuric acid (H2SO4), boric acid (H3BO3), hydrochloric acid (HCI), sulfonic acid and their salts is more than 10 times that of titanium metal. It is an ideal tool for the tin plating process of circuit boards. Compared with the process of directly using tin bars as anode tin plating, its stable anode area not only ensures the uniformity of tin film, but also saves the loss of plating solution.