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Years will not live up to every person who is optimistic.

2018/5/31 13:45:00 Viewers:
On Saturday, the sun was extraordinarily full, but my heart was upset because of the recent accounts of the company. I used to spend time reading or codeword in the past. These days were flashing, nagging, harsh words, and at last triggered a war between husband and wife.
I arranged my mood and sent my daughter to Chinese painting class.
Along the way, the breeze is warm and the sun is shining. The warm light can not drive away the thick heart haze.
At the Academy, the calligraphy class had not been dismissed yet, and the waiting space, a bookmark wall in the corridor, attracted me all of a sudden.
A bookmark with elegant colors is pasted up by a caring teacher and arranged in an interesting and unique style. The bottom of each bookmark falls up with tassels. From afar, it looks like a series of colorful wind bells, dancing with the breeze.
Taking her daughter closer to see it, I saw this text.
"When you can't tell yourself what you learned today, don't go to bed!"
"Those who are lying in bed do not feel the warmth of the sun."
"I want to paint in addition to the pen, but also the intention, you are a caring child, dare to show your potential!"
Each of them was accompanied by a little friend's sketches, some small people, some of the outline of the park, some flowers and flowers, and the paintings of the parents, expressing the love and intimacy of the children to their parents.
Each is filled with deep meaning and childlike interest. The cold heart suddenly feels like a hit, and feels warm and soft instantly.
Those young times, like the inverted disk, at that moment, were instantly recovered.
Sometimes adult beliefs are not as good as a child's determination and persistence.
When the company was just registered, we had made such a great ambition that we had a good prospect, and even though we knew that the wealth needed to be accumulated, we still had the unrealistic expectation and vision.
Everyone will meet the twists and turns, life is a kind of experience, the vicissitudes of time is a accumulation, the suffering this double-edged sword, to bring us pain at the same time, but also let us grow in the mud.
All the success of the world, the bright road they treadle, not many times and perseverance in the past, so, no need to envy, everyone in the uphill road of life should go, do not want to fall into a mediocre, it will be more frustrated and more brave.
In the movie "happiness knocks on the door", the father, Chris, relies on selling medical equipment to maintain a family's life, but a series of changes make him trapped in life, his wife abandons him, the child is not taken care of, and then the house is bombarded because of the rent.
As he hovered the young son with the medical instrument in one hand and hovering in the subway, he laid the newspaper in the bathroom to let the child snuggle up to him and his clothes, and the child asked, "Daddy, why should we live here?" When someone pushed the door outside, he used his body to hold the door, and covered his son's ears with those big hands. The strong and stubborn father had shed bitter tears.
This is not the worst. Every day they go to the relief station to wait in line, hoping for a night's shelter, but this is a great expectation.
The encounter with stockbrokers of securities companies opened another door to life for him. Chris learned that the famous stock investment company had an opportunity for an internship, but there was no salary during the internship, and the competition was fierce, and only one person was able to enter the company. Through hard work, he finally won the only chance.
No matter how difficult and unbearable life is, he did not complain about life, nor did he give up his dream. On the pitch, he once said this to his son.
"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something, not even me."
"If you have a dream, you have to guard it."
"When people can't do something, they will tell you that you can't do it. If you have ideals, you have to work hard to achieve them."
And is this kind of teaching the best interpretation of himself?
This movie is an autobiography by Chris, and also a legendary inspirational story. The story of how he struggled from the black slums, trying hard, and eventually entering the securities industry, becoming an excellent securities investor, and successful business.
We always think there will be no tomorrow, but as long as we do not give up, we can always encounter the turning of the peak, and then the dark night will always endure until the dawn.
Think of a big sister I used to admire. After a failed marriage, she had two children to maintain her husband's legacy, and a pile of debts and starving children often forced her to go mad at night.
She thought about escaping and thinking of leaving, but could she really escape conscience from all her life?
At the same time, it was difficult for the children to be accompanied and bitter. When they came back home and saw the cheering of the children coming to her, she felt that all the pay was worth it. She taught the child what responsibility and responsibility with her actions and beliefs.
In the family that lacks the role of father, the children are more sensible and angry, and the family is so happy and happy when two of their brothers and sisters present the full mark in front of their mothers.
Who can know