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What kind of influence will CNC machining have on parts

2019/8/19 9:19:10 Viewers:

We will introduce to you the influence of rough machining of CNC parts on parts.

Low-volume manufacturing for metal parts

Low-volume manufacturing for metal parts

1. Influencing wear resistance: The rougher the CNC product’s machined surface is, the smaller the useful contact area between the matching surfaces is, the greater the pressure is, the greater the conflict resistance is, and the faster the wear is.

2. Affecting the stability of fit: For gap fit, the rougher the surface is, the easier the wear and tear will be, and the clearance will gradually increase in the working process; for interference fit, the intrinsically useful interference will be reduced and the connection strength will be reduced because the micro-convex peak will be extruded when equipped.

3. Influencing fatigue strength: There are large troughs on the surface of rough parts. They are like sharp notches and cracks. They are very sensitive to the stress set, thus affecting the fatigue strength of parts.

4. Influences on corrosion resistance: Rough parts surface, easy to make corrosive gases or liquids through the surface of the micro-valley penetrate into the metal inner layer, forming surface erosion.

5. Influencing sealability: Rough surfaces can not be closely bonded, and gas or liquid leaks through cracks between contact surfaces.

6. Influencing the contact stiffness: The contact stiffness is the strength of resisting the contact deformation of the fused surface of the parts under the action of external forces. The mechanical stiffness depends on the contact stiffness of the parts to a great extent.

7. Influencing the measurement accuracy: The surface roughness of the measured surface of parts and the measuring surface of measuring equipment will directly affect the measurement accuracy, especially when meticulously measured.

Otherwise, surface roughness has different effects on coating, thermal conductivity and contact resistance, reflective strength and radiation function, resistance of fluid flow and smooth surface current of conductor. Therefore, Chengchuang Machining factory should pay close attention to this aspect, and do not make the same mistakes in the production process.