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Dry cut king gives you different cutting experiences

2018/6/9 12:07:42 Viewers:
Dry cut small sawblade of our dry cut king gives you different cutting experience, extraordinary temperament, dry cutting strength, the value added formula, in the cutting process, sharpness stronger, more handy.
Dry cutting requirements for small diamond saw blades:
The structure of the 1. saw blade should be fast. In the dry cutting process, in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece and the life of the tool, the cutting tool can be quickly discharged, so that the heat of the incoming workpiece and the tool is greatly reduced.
The friction coefficient between the 2. chips and the cutting tools should be as small as possible. In dry cutting, the high temperature produced in the cutting area produces chemical instability, the friction between the cutting tool and the chip increases and the chip cutting speed slows down, and it is very easy to produce the chip tumor and aggravate the tool wear. Therefore, the friction coefficient between chip and cutter should be reduced.
3. to have excellent high temperature resistance performance: although in dry cutting, the heat produced in the cutting area can not be completely discharged with the chip, but as long as the cutting tool geometry and cutting parameters are selected reasonably, most of the cutting heat can be discharged with the chip, and good processing effect can be obtained.
Dry cut small saw blade without cutting fluid, save cost, protect the environment, give you different cutting experience, is the current more hot saw blade, but also a big progress in the saw blade technology.