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Causes and solutions of sudden failure of laser welding machine

2018/6/9 13:04:02 Viewers:
When you use a laser welding machine for welding, if you do not have a good correct welding method, it will greatly reduce the efficiency of the laser welding machine, and even sometimes lead to the laser welding machine suddenly not out of light, then what is the reason for the laser welding machine suddenly not out of light?

What is the reason why laser welding machine suddenly does not shine?

1, if the laser welding machine has been used for a period of time, and the intensity of light power is decreasing, it may be the aging of laser light source components.
2, if the laser welding machine is stable and stable, the following two problems may be caused:
There are problems in the control system such as software board.
(2) hardware problems such as optical path movement, power supply, laser generator, cooling system and so on.

Two, laser welding machine suddenly out of the way to solve the problem.
1, observe the welding machine part of the display light is normal, if the laser welding machine part can be converted, but when the welding can not show the first to see the numerical control part of the laser button is closed, if closed, the laser button is opened. If the laser button is normal, turn on the NC display interface to see if the continuous light is set, if not, then change to continuous light.
2. Observe whether the display of the screen interface is running on the table and whether the frequency of laser display and the number of laser are normal. If the number of laser is not displayed and the number of actual light output and the setting are not consistent, the main plate of the welding machine is replaced. After changing the main board of the welding machine, observe whether it is normal or not.