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Installation method of bathroom partition door

2018/10/12 10:07:05 Viewers:
1, the bathroom partition door to buy a good quality shower room partition material. The plate is the basis of the shower partition. Try to use waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision and impact-resistant partition materials, so that the shower partition is safer. The key factor of the shower partition is the accessories. In the shower partition, the requirements for the accessories are wear-resistant and sturdy.

2. When measuring the relationship between the size of the shower partition and the size of the bathroom during construction, it must be controlled so as not to be unsuitable in size when installing. Then first install the sealing strip. The shower partition door is placed in a damp bathroom. To prevent mold and other conditions, the shower door should be installed with a sealing strip before the aluminum strip is placed on the side. The sealing strip has the functions of sealing, mildewproof and silent.

3. Connect the frame. Once the seal is installed, the glass is embedded in the aluminum strip. The role of the aluminum strip is to protect the glass. Second, the aluminum strip is required to be used as a frame, and then fixed to the wall by a frame connection. After the aluminum strip is buckled, the aluminum strip and the glass, the aluminum strip and the aluminum strip are fixed by screws to form a frame. Mounting screws is a critical step in the assembly process. First of all, this is a meticulous work, the screws are relatively small, and it is difficult to install. Second, the screws need to be tightened to ensure that the attached frame does not fall apart.

4. At the contact between the mullion and the wall, the bottom rail and the stone base, the stone base and the ground contact, and the glass seal is sealed. The horizontal gap between the stone base and the ground is too large, and the white cement is leakproof. At the contact between the mullion and the wall, the bottom rail is in contact with the stone base, and the stone base is in contact with the ground. If the gap between the stone base and the ground is too large, it should be treated with paste white cement for leak prevention.