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Bathroom waterproofing tips, do you know?

2018/10/12 10:10:54 Viewers:
First, the brand must be recognized when purchasing: At present, there is a flood of goods in the market, and toxic materials that have been eliminated or banned by the state have also flooded into the homes. Ordinary consumers should choose brand products with high reputation, good reputation, high degree of anti-counterfeiting and international quality system certification.

Second, the waterproof parts should be comprehensive: the floor and wall of the bathroom (return height is not less than 1.8 meters or full), the floor and wall of the kitchen, balcony (return height is not less than 0.3 meters), all of the first floor residential Floor and wall (return height 0.3 m), the ground floor and all walls of the basement should be waterproof and moisture-proof.

Third, the thickness of the waterproof layer should be enough: the thickness of the waterproof layer directly affects its waterproof life. If the thickness of the waterproof layer is reduced, it is equivalent to reducing its waterproof life. cnc machining

Fourth, the construction process should be meticulous: the joint between the wall and the ground, the yin and yang angle, the water pipe, the floor drain and the surrounding of the sanitary ware and the trench in the laying of the cold and heat pipe are the key waterproof parts, and the construction must be meticulous.

5. Closed water test after completion: After the waterproof construction is completed, seal the door and the drain, and store the water for 24 hours indoors to check if there is any leak.

6. If leakage is found, even if remedial measures are implemented.