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Generator is not responsible for generating electricity

2018/6/5 10:52:10 Viewers:
After the loss of magnetic field and the tripping of generator, the active load should be reduced to 120MW in 1.5min, and the permitted running time after 15min is 15min.
If the excitation regulator AVR fault is due to the excitation of the generator, AVR should be cut from the working channel to the standby channel immediately, and the automatic mode fault is switched to manual operation.
If the demagnetization of the motor is caused by the mistaken switch of the demagnetization switch, the demagnetizing switch should be rejoined immediately and the generator will be discontinued immediately when the C is unsuccessful.
After D and generator's loss of excitation protection action, the automatic switching mode of excitation and the reduction of active load are not effective and will be suspended according to the accident.
If E or generator loses magnetic field, the generator will be oscillatory. The generator should be disconnected immediately after the excitation is resumed.