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Precautions for the use of horizontal tension test machine

2018/6/4 11:56:47 Viewers:
There are usually computer controlled electro hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machines, microcomputer controlled servo tension testing machines, and KRDL-D series horizontal tensile testing machines. Horizontal tensile testing machine is more complicated than that of electronic universal testing machine. The following are 8 requirements for the correct use of horizontal tensile testing machine.

1. do not start the test, do not click the "start" test button.

2. every time you enter the program, if there is any abnormal indication or default load value, it is not necessary to carry out the test with reference to the troubleshooting method. The load values of the TT & C system must be zero (no zeros) at every time they enter the test interface.

3. using the cylinder reset button can make the cylinder piston up or down to the set position. When the displacement shows the position value greater than the set position, the piston will drop when the cylinder reset button is clicked; conversely, the piston will rise. Attention should be paid to whether the actual position of the piston is in accordance with the position of the displacement display, and avoid the actual position of the cylinder when it is placed in a high position.

4. after clamping the sample, do not adjust the load value to zero.

5. clip the extensometer, pay attention to pull out the positioning pin and then adjust the zero. When picking up the extension time, pay attention to insert the positioning pin, prevent the extensometer because of overload.

6. if the sample is broken, if the program does not withdraw from the test condition and indicates the end of the test, it must immediately click the stop button to withdraw from the test state.

7. after completing the test exit procedure, the power supply should be cut off after WINDOWS shutdown, and the oil pump will be turned off and the cylinder will fall to the bottom.

8. when the computer is moving, pay attention to the plug.