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Working principle of stainless steel punching machine

2018/6/26 11:33:05 Viewers:
The working principle of stainless steel punching machine is actually very simple. If we want to understand, we must be clear at the end of reading the following paragraph.
Computer control, CCD scan recognition. The product can automatically control the quality of the product by the automatic punching machine that automatically catches the target of the product and moves the rails against the punching and punching on the CCD high definition camera. The whole process takes only 0.4 seconds. It can solve the problems of high rate of punching and scrap, large manual positioning deviation, slow drilling, and large number of time and money.
The computerized stainless steel punching machine is an automatic counterpunching machine specially designed for factories with insufficient manpower. Only by placing the product on the scanner area of the machine HD camera, the quality of the product can be automatically controlled, the precision of the punch hole is under 0.015 millimeters, the CCD camera scanning time is 0.035 seconds, and the punching speed is 0.4 seconds / holes. The factory has solved a series of problems, such as slow drilling speed, large number of employees and high cost. The automatic punching machine is controlled by the computer Windows system. The Japanese HD CCD camera is used to locate the target automatically. The super LCD lets the CCD magnify the positioning hole about 50 times. The CCD camera can automatically identify the defective holes in the material, and can also identify materials that are not printed or reflected or colored. The speed of punching is faster than that of other equipment; it uses an advanced image processing system to control the time of image recognition in 0.39-0.6 seconds and the punching speed is up to 0.4 seconds / holes. Compared with other manual perforating equipment, automatic punching machine has a great advantage in speed, and saves time and manpower to a large extent.