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What are the reasons that affect the efficiency of NC machining?

2018/6/9 13:15:48 Viewers:
NC machining is a process method for machining parts on CNC machine tools. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts, small batch, complex shape, high precision, high efficiency and automatic processing. In recent years, with the increase of new products and the increase of the complexity of parts, numerical control processing has attracted more and more attention from enterprises, and has become a decisive factor for manufacturing enterprises to win the market competition. However, most of the manufacturing enterprises have low numerical control processing efficiency, so it is of practical significance to study how to improve the NC manufacturing level by High Efficiency NC machining technology and improve the sustainable development ability. What are the reasons that affect the efficiency of NC machining?

1. Equipment failure
Because the CNC system is complex in principle and precise in structure, it can not repair and troubleshoot in time after failure, so it will affect the efficiency of production. CNC machine tool is a kind of advanced processing equipment with high automation and complex structure. In order to give full play to the superiority of the machine tool, the quality of the technicians and the civilized production are particularly important.

Two. Production management
Because of the complex system of numerical control equipment and various types of equipment, it has brought great difficulties to the application and programming of technicians and operators, which greatly restricts the processing of parts. Program management is not perfect, processing procedures are repeatedly compiled, which not only wastes time, but also affects the instability of programs. A prominent problem is that the performance of numerical control equipment is not understood, and many parts that are not suitable for NC machining or other types of work are also numerically controlled. So the numerical control machine not only does not produce its efficiency, but also destroys the precision of CNC machine tools.

Three. Process technology
Most of the time, due to the fact that the procedures cannot be followed up in time, the technology of drawing data is not perfect, and the time of inspection has become a factor affecting efficiency. Most of the process technology does not combine the rationality of the process with the suitable CNC machine tools, tools, and fixture, so that when the machine tool is processed on the workpiece, there will be a equipment stop waiting or unqualified product as long as there is a problem in the process.

Four. CNC cutting tools
As an important auxiliary tool to participate in manufacturing activities, the tool system plays an important role in the flexibility, productivity and precision and accuracy of the manufacturing of the CNC machine tools.  In the production environment with more CNC machines, a large number of tools are needed to flow and exchange frequently between tool banks and machine tools, and between machine tools and machine tools. The different management users of traditional tools are not easy to grasp the information of the tool, resulting in the confusion of the use of tools, waste of resources and low production efficiency. The more serious results are the excessive deviation of the work in work, the deviation of the process, even the waste of the products and the production cycle.

Five. Personnel skills
The technical and advanced requirements of the CNC system are very high, requiring the operator to have more extensive professional knowledge, such as organic, electric, liquid and gas. Therefore, the quality requirements for the operators are very high. But the common problem is that the quality of the numerical control operators is not high enough, and some problems do not know how to deal with them. They are often not found in the maintenance manual and may have never been met before. This requires the users to have a high quality, calm the problem, clear mind, strong field judgment, and of course, have a more solid numerical control basis.

Six. Product structure
(1) the sizes and structures of all kinds of parts are quite different. The machine tools and other process equipment are not universality.
(2) many companies are usually faced with many varieties, small batch, short production cycle of production tasks, so the process system is required to have a higher response speed.
(3) product parts are complex in structure and difficult to process.
(4) thin wall, easy to produce processing deformation. There are many thin-walled and deep cavity structures, which are typical weak rigid structures.
(5) the selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters is difficult. Because of the development and application of the new material, and the lack of support for the processing and cutting database, how to select the cutting tools and select the processing parameters scientifically has become a difficult problem.
(6) the choice of cutting oil is difficult, there are a large number of cutting oil products in the market, and the quality is uneven. Because of the lack of oil experience and data comparison, the use of oil products that do not meet the requirements of the process will cause a decline in the processing efficiency.