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What are the characteristics of the slide module?

2018/12/24 15:01:20 Viewers:
1. Lightweight and high rigidity: The base made of extruded aluminium alloy profiles is combined with linear guides to achieve lightweight and high rigidity. High rigidity, high precision, low price, small size, light weight, aluminium alloy structure, modular design, sliding table and base are loaded into linear guide rail after passing through the anode. The base is matched with sliding table to achieve high rigidity and load capacity. The small displacement of load can also maintain high stability for the quality of load or the use of external load changes.

2. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy base and sliding base can be selected. Its surface can be passivated by high corrosion resistance and wear resistance aluminum alloy (natural anodic oxidation treatment). In addition, stainless steel linear guide rail and installation screw are all made of nickel plated material with special treatment, so it has sufficient corrosion resistance.

3. Structure and specialty: Pneumatic sliding table is a single-axis intelligent combination unit which can be installed with LM linear guide rail and aluminum alloy base and combined with cylinder drive. Transportation is its main use.

4. Component standardization: realizing modular component standardization of pneumatic equipment. Horizontal and vertical directions can be used in handling, transmission and conveying operations. The pneumatic sliding table module can replace the cylinder and has the advantages of low price, long service life and easy maintenance.