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Drifting RC Car

2018/5/9 12:30:42 Viewers:
Note: this column is written by Mr. Bamboo, founder of RCFans. All the articles are published in the magazine named Car and Driver, which can be purchased in the book newsstands all over China. If anyone reprints the article in this column, it must be licensed by the original author Bamboo and "famous car". Otherwise, any reprint and reference are embezzled.

In recent years, everyone has been drifting "poison". As far as the culprit is concerned, it is undoubtedly the super human racing anime "D". As you all know, this "D" represents "Drifting" (drift), but the drift technology is not something new, it can be said to be accompanied by the birth of a car. Before the drift is crazy, everyone has seen the drifting lenses of the rally (such as WRC) on TV, but the off-road racing cars are always too far away from us. It is also dangerous to drift with our daily civilian cars. There is a way to be safe, economical and affordable. What? Drift Drifting RC Car can achieve this wish for you!

The drift remote control model car (hereinafter referred to as "drift car") is the new model of the model circle in recent years. For most drivers, "drifting" is out of control synonym, but the real meaning of "drift" is drifting and controlling the car, the remote control drift model car is to let the operator can do what he wants. The model car is born out of the desired route.
The drifting car is usually developed or modified with the 1/10 car frame as the blueprint. It is equipped with a specially designed suspension system to make the car easier to make drifting movements. The special tires of the drifting car can be skidded with the road, and then with the high torque electric motor or the methanol engine as power, the player only needs a little exercise to get the horse. Experience the unique fun of the drifting car! Even the onlookers will be impressed by the drifting remote control model car like the real appearance and the cool drifting movement. Now the popular drift remote control model car brands mainly include Tamiya, Yokomo, HPI and other imported brands, because the drift remote control car does not need too high walking speed, so the popular drift remote control model cars are powered by batteries and motors, even if the remote control model car who has never touched the remote control model car can also be used. Soon!

In addition to drifting posture, gorgeous body, a variety of refitted parts are essential magic weapon for drifting cars. Players can choose different styles of drift car shell, such as AE86 tofu, Subaru, VIP style Lexus refit car shells, and so on, select the car shell, the player can individualize the car shell painting, paint the color of the likes, paste all kinds of car flowers, change the different styles of the wheel, and add the car The lamp module, a drift remote control model car, is like the real drift of the car's shrinking body in front of it. Open the remote control, you can start crazy remote control vehicle drift!