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The main reasons for permanent failure of hardware accessories in advance?

2018/5/24 19:48:26 Viewers:
Generally speaking, the hardware parts we make will be designed and made according to the actual situation, but after a period of time, the mold will be wrong or permanently invalid. Today, the question is answered by the small editor.
Undefined 1) the material problem of the main working parts of the mould and improper material selection. The material has bad performance and no wear resistance; the die steel has not been refined, and has a large number of smelting defects; the convex and concave die, the forging process of the forging blank is not perfect, and the remains have the hidden trouble of heat treatment.
2) the problem of die structure design, and the structure of stamping die is unreasonable. The slender punch has no design reinforcement device, the discharge port is not smooth, there is a pile up, the unloading force is over, the ambassador mold is subjected to alternating load increasing and so on.
3) the molding process is not perfect, mainly manifested in the poor quality of the convex and concave die forging billets, and the heat treatment technology and technology have problems, resulting in the imperfection of the convex and concave die, the soft point and the uneven hardness. Sometimes there are micro cracks and even cracks. The grinding and polishing are not in place, and the surface roughness is too large.
4) no lubrication or lubrication, but the effect is not good.
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