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Which industries can be applied to the PU conveyor belt

2018/6/2 16:49:54 Viewers:
White material PU conveyor belt is a food grade conveyor belt, green material conveyer belt processing and white material is a bit different, the surface is soft, the hardness is relatively large, can be made of anti oil anti fat conveyor belt, the white polyurethane (PU) conveyer belt not only has high tensile strength, good winding, light, thin, toughening of the ordinary conveyor belt. And other characteristics, and oil resistant, non-toxic, hygienic, easy to clean. This kind of conveyor belt accords with hygienic standard, wearable and resistant to physical aging. It is a durable transportation product.

It is suitable for transportation of packaging machinery and fresh surface food, transportation of surface food oven, transportation of surface food processing equipment, chocolate food delivery, biscuit food delivery, Pu food conveyor belt, and White PU conveyor belt, with good anti stickiness, the conveying goods and conveyor belts are separated quickly and effectively. No trace, especially for conveying bread and dough.

PU conveyer belt has the characteristics of oil resistant and wear-resistant, especially for puffed food delivery, fried food PU conveyor belt and black PU conveyor belt, ink green Pu conveyor belt with good anti oil, anti chemical oil properties, cutting resistance, piercing resistance, abrasion resistance, good soft toughness, and used in mineral oil and hydrocarbon products. It is mainly used in production and processing of steel, aluminum, iron and steel machinery, wood sheet Pu conveyor belt, steel transportation, aluminum plate transportation.