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What is operation?

2018/11/15 18:26:29 Viewers:
Whatever the industry, the first thing is to understand our services or products, how much ability do we have? How big is the market? What stage is it now? To fully understand oneself, it is not only one-sided, but also need to fully grasp the rhythm of the market, so as to make effective, valuable and meaningful decisions.

Maybe in the process of understanding, many people will point out and put forward their own opinions, for example, people do this, we can do the same as them; others can do this thing, we can do the same, and so on, if we stand in the perspective of everyone to think about the problem, all right. But for an operator, the ability to jump out of the planned circle, stand outside the circle and see problems, think about problems and think about their original intention is to consider what, as an operator, to learn to see the essence of the problem through phenomena, a simple understanding is to learn to see things essentially. Wait. Only when you know yourself clearly can you make reasonable decisions on the basis of what you know.

A qualified operator, according to the needs of users, will use simple, refined services or products to meet the needs of users. Commonly, operators think that the more information they push, the more users know. Therefore, constantly push services, product-related information, we must not know. Slowly, they will push their products to a blind alley.

But one thing is that in order to operate, we must have a clear positioning of our services and products, and then carry out a series of operations according to the point of demand. In general, we should try our best not to change the original decision easily. Once a decision is implemented, it means that we have invested a lot of energy in it. It is easy for others to shoulder the pressure of time and work.

This is not to say that the operation can not overthrow their previous wrong decisions, but to make themselves clear, often do not make some dispensable changes, if the reasons for the changes are unclear, vague, and even unable to convince themselves why to readjust the reasons for the changes, then how to make other changes? Are people convinced?

For example, to be a qualified operator, first of all, what you need to have is a continuous enterprising and learning attitude, because the Internet is not unchanged, what you have to do is to understand the news, understand the market, understand the product update, these things are not chat or look at can be mastered. Instead, we need to study, reflect and digest earnestly, so as to improve our thinking ability in operation.

In addition, doing business does not require you to know everything, but at least you can have a general understanding of what you are exposed to. For example, the operation process may involve some product design things, do not require technical knowledge, code writing, but must understand the most basic technical concepts and logic, so, with technical personnel. When communicating, you will find that there are some constructive suggestions in the process of not knowing anything and communicating, and the feedback they get is totally different.

There is also the need to understand themselves, to have a reasonable position for themselves, to know what occupation they are engaged in, what kind of abilities this occupation requires, and whether their current abilities meet the standards, how to improve their ability level, etc., to become a qualified operator, to learn how to grow up.

Note that the Internet industry should not be impetuous, because of the rapid development of the Internet, the rhythm becomes faster, but operators can not be affected by the environment and atmosphere around the Internet, we must understand where their most important capabilities are, at which stage, whether they have gone astray, is not it? Slow or fast steps lead to holes, and so on. Only when you are clear about yourself at all times can you move smoothly along the road of operation.