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Mold forming steps needed to be known to the mold

2018/5/25 10:01:20 Viewers:
The mold is mainly composed of three parts: gating system, forming parts and structural parts. The specifications and uses of the mold are different, and there are many methods for molding the mold, including injection molding, compression molding, extrusion molding, press injection molding and hollow molding. Now let's learn about the ten steps of mold forming.
1. when the molding tool is used, the CNC punch press is strictly prohibited from sheet stamping and can not be made empty. At the same time, it is necessary to check the tightness of the locking screw, otherwise it will cause the damage of the CNC punch press and the molding die easily.
2. the forming direction of the forming die should be chosen to form upwards so as to avoid the collision between the shape after forming and the steel ball on the worktable resulting in the deformation of the product.
3. the closed height and stamping stroke of each CNC punch press are different, so each mold must be adjusted to the shortest when used for the first time. At the same time, it should not be used directly on another punch. It needs to be reused after a high degree of fine tuning to avoid damage to the machine tool and mould.
The lower die of the 4. up mold is usually higher than the standard mold, so the punching die next to the mold is not used as much as possible to avoid the indentation of the plate. When the molding die is not used, please remove the oil from the machine tool and store the mould cabinet, so as to prevent the rust and dust from the die damage.
5. the full molding of mold needs to be adjusted by micro distance. The operator must be patient and careful in this process. The way of fine tuning is:
The punch stroke of A. CNC punching machine can not be adjusted, and it can only adjust the height of the mold blow head assembly.
The punching stroke of B. CNC punching machine can be adjusted. Only when programming, can the machine parameters be modified to meet the requirements.
C. adjust the height of the mold blow head assembly when the distance is adjusted.
6. for high forming or unconventional moulds, please do a good job of double side lubrication of the plate to strengthen the flow of the plate in the molding and reduce the chance of the plate breaking.
7. in the process of molding, the programming must be used by the molding process program, the sufficient discharging time is reserved when programming, and the speed of the punching machine is put to the slowest, low speed impact, so that the material after the molding is separated from the mold enough to avoid the deviation of the sheet deformation and the forming position.
8. the position of sheet metal forming is far away from the clamp and punching parts. The forming of sheet metal is finished as far as possible in the stamping process.
9. the use of other molds around the high molding dies, or the continuous processing of standard punching dies will cause deformation of the sheet metal.
10. the high molding die has the phenomenon that the plate has scratches and collisions, and the auxiliary transition of the lower die on the two sides of the mold can avoid this problem.
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