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The principle of blunting machine for blasting machine in blasting machine

2018/6/4 12:26:39 Viewers:
What is the principle of the sandblasting machine?
(1) the sandblasting machine is a machine which uses compressed air as the power to form high-speed jet beam to the surface of the workpiece to be processed at high speed, so that the mechanical properties of the outer surface of the surface of the workpiece are changed.
(2) due to the impact and cutting effect of abrasive to the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece is obtained a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, and the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface are improved. Therefore, the fatigue resistance of the workpiece is improved, the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating is increased, the durability of the coating is prolonged, and the coating is also beneficial to the coating. The flow leveling and decoration of the material can remove the impurities, color and oxidation layer of the surface, and make the surface of the medium coarse, make the residual stress on the substrate surface and improve the surface hardness of the substrate.
(3) unlike other sand treatment equipment, the sandblasting machine is a kind of sand treatment equipment which can use the abrasive material with the aid of compressed air power to spray to the surface of the workpiece. According to the characteristics of the sandblaster, the sandblasting machine is suitable for cleaning the rough surface of the forging, stamping and machined parts, the pre treatment process for spraying and electroplating, and the strengthening of the surface of the light accessories. The sandblasting machine is especially suitable for small and medium mass production of small and medium parts.
(4) sandblasting machine is characterized by intake pressure, sand blasting pressure display, and equipped with pressure reducing valve, which can adjust sandblasting pressure as required. Filters are installed at the inlet of compressed air to filter moisture in compressed air.
(5) the sandblasting machine is equipped with automatic separation and automatic dust removal system. The used sand is separated from the bottom of the machine from the bottom of the machine to the cyclone separator, and the dust, rust, oxide and other impurities produced in the process of sand blasting are separated from the good sand. The features of the sandblower can make the sand material that the sandblasting machine continues to use in the hopper of the lower part of the separator and be recycled. The impurities such as the large oxide skin are blocked by the separator at the lower part of the separator, and the dust is transported to the dust box of the sandblasting machine for treatment. The dust is collected and the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere.
2. the advantages of the sandblasting machine:
(1) the metal parts of the sandblasting equipment are basically free from damage and the dimensional accuracy will not change.
(2) the surface of the parts is not contaminated, and the abrasive will not react with the material of the parts.
(3) sandblasting equipment can easily handle grooves, concave and other parts which are difficult to contact, and a variety of abrasive grains can be selected for use.
(4) the reduction of processing cost is mainly reflected in the improvement of the efficiency of sandblasting equipment and the various surface finishing requirements.
(5) low energy consumption and provincial cost;
(6) sandblasting equipment does not pollute the environment and saves the cost of environmental treatment.

The principle of the 3. shot blasting machine?
(1) a shot is a mechanical method of throwing pellets (balls or sand particles) on the working surface at a high speed and a certain angle, allowing the pellets to impact the working surface, and then clean them through the airflow of a supporting vacuum in the machine. The pellets and the cleaned impurities are recycled, and the pellets can be reused again. Technology. The shot blasting machine is equipped with dust remover, which can be constructed without dust and pollution-free. It improves efficiency and protects environment. Shot blasting machine according to its walking form can be divided into three kinds: hand push type, vehicle mounted type and self propelled type.
(2) by controlling and selecting the size and shape of pellets and adjusting and setting the walking speed of the machine, the projectile's ejection flow is controlled and the different projectile intensity is obtained by controlling and selecting the particle size and shape of the pellet, and the effect of different surface treatment is obtained.
Quality control of 1.2 pairs of surface shot peening treatment

(3) the shot blasting process and shot blasting equipment are controlled by three different parameters to control the surface conditions. The size and shape of the pellets are selected, the walking speed of the equipment and the flow rate of the pellets are selected.  The above three parameters cooperate with each other, and different treatment effects can be obtained to ensure the ideal roughness of the surface after shot blasting.
(4) for example: the use of S330 steel ball, flow 10A, treatment of C50 concrete surface, can reach the roughness of 90; treatment of asphalt surface, can remove the pan oil layer, at the same time to reach the roughness of 80; when treating steel plate, the cleanliness standard of SA3 can be reached.
(5) the drum type shot blasting machine: using the high speed impeller, throwing the projectiles into the castings and forgings of the roller immortals, clearing the oxide skin, making the surface of the workpiece uniform cleaning and showing the metal original color.
(6) a crawler type shot blasting machine: the workpiece is loaded by high strength wear-resistant rubber caterpillar or manganese steel crawler. The purpose of cleaning is to throw the high speed projectile to the track on the track by the projectile.
(7) a turntable shot blasting machine: the surface of the workpiece is subjected to a uniform blast force through a variable frequency shot blasting device, and the coverage rate of the surface of the ball is above 98% to achieve the strengthening effect.
(8) the hanging chain step shot blasting machine: using the method of placing the projectile to remove the sand and the oxide skin on the surface of the casting, the casting can be reproduced.

The principle of 4. edge machine?
(1) the projecting material is projected onto the work piece by a high-speed rotating impeller, and can be removed in a short time for flake edges and rough edges or holes. The size of the projecting power can be adjusted on the keyboard of the frequency converter on the control panel.
(2) the spray room is made of belt conveyor, all of which are covered with rubber. The products in the loop are stirred up while the impact of the projecting material is thrown off at high speed to achieve uniform removal of the burrs.
(3) projective projective materials