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Grasp the current situation of hardware accessories industry

2018/5/9 14:43:44 Viewers:
Grasp the current situation of hardware accessories industry and start from the analysis of market development prospects.

Although the development of construction machinery is good, China's hardware accessories rely on imports, so as to meet the needs of China's hardware accessories.
At present, China's hardware industry is in a high stage of operation, and hardware enterprises show a prosperous situation. However, the matching parts are like a rope that holds the neck of the enterprise, making it difficult to eat and eat. Ma Chuanwei, the Secretary General of the construction machinery accessories Branch of China Engineering Machinery Industry Association, has been visited recently. He asked him to talk about the existing problems in China's engineering machinery accessories industry and to analyze its development prospects.

Hardware accessories
Restriction of supporting parts
At present, in my view, especially small hardware has broad market prospects, the market of small dig is very clear. In addition, the market of small construction machinery such as lifting arm forklift, skid steer loader, two head busy and so on will also have great development in the process of nurturing. But so far, small pumps, valves, hydraulic parts and other supporting parts are basically dependent on imports. And foreign companies, the first to meet the needs of their domestic enterprises, second to meet the needs of foreign enterprises in China, the third is to take into account the needs of local enterprises in China. The role of this bureau in the construction machinery production enterprises in China will become more and more obvious. This year, in China's construction machinery enterprises, there is a year and a half for the foreign matching enterprises to pay the money for up to one and a half years, such as Hefei Zhenyu, such as Zhenyu; there is something to be loaded, and a valve, but the Japanese enterprises are not able to supply the goods, such as jade machinery; last year, the machinery of Xu dug, the Japanese enterprises at the beginning of the year, the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the year. Or no delivery, resulting in zero output of the excavator. Not only can the supply period be guaranteed, but at the same time, the price of the full set of hydraulic system purchased from abroad is generally not negotiable, and the development of domestic engineering machinery enterprises is greatly restricted by the factors such as pre sale and after-sales service.

Choose a breakthrough
In view of the overall development level and current situation of China's engineering machinery, Ma Chuanwei suggested that small excavation and other small construction machinery accessories should be used as a breakthrough to promote the overall development of the construction machinery accessories industry in China.
At the annual meeting of China's engineering machinery accessories industry, the director of Ma Chuanwei and the subsidiary part suggested that the manufacturer should focus its attention from just focusing on the small excavation kit to other small engineering machinery accessories, taking the small dug matching kit as a breakthrough, and promoting the comprehensive development of other small engineering machinery Suites.
To realize the comprehensive development of small engineering machinery assembly including small dig, the realization of its hydrostatic transmission is an important link. At present, in small construction machinery, such as small wheel loader, excavating loader (two busy), sliding steering loader, telescopic boom fork loading, and small tonnage forklift, the required hydraulic parts for static pressure transmission are mostly imported. Internationally, most of the loaders in the advanced countries below 3 tonnages have achieved hydrostatic transmission, and almost all the loaders with annual output of more than ten thousand units in China are hydraulic transmission. At present, the only domestic production of static pressure transmission accessories only Shandong Longtai, this private enterprise can produce 3 tons of static pressure drive loader, but it is only the start of production, not mature, production is also the whole machine.
In addition to the key technology, Ma Chuanwei believes that the other important aspect of the gap between China's construction machinery accessories hardware and foreign products lies in its reliability. It is reliable to produce ten pieces or eight pieces in small quantities. Product reliability is related to management, process equipment and process route. Generally speaking, the main factors that affect the reliability of China's supporting parts are raw materials, especially steel quality. Domestic construction machinery enterprises are generally not large in scale, and special orders are required for steel mills. There is also a gap between technology and equipment and foreign countries. There are flexible production lines abroad, and every procedure is strictly controlled. There are also problems in heat treatment. The reliability of the supporting parts produced is not good, which leads to the quality of the main engine can not be improved. If the construction machinery products produced by foreign enterprises are generally the first failure for 1000 hours, our products will have only 400 or 500 hours. If the reliability problem is not solved, users will not buy it even if it is sold cheaper.
If we do this, the current situation of the mechanical parts of my country will be greatly improved, the demand for import will be gradually reduced and the rapid development of our country's economy will be promoted.