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Are you changed by real life?

2018/5/29 11:18:20 Viewers:
Time flies year after year, in plain life, it is plain to say that it is plain. It is full of ups and downs, life twists and turns, and even life and death. In fact, I want to keep a quiet record of life, but more time to find an excuse for his laziness (no time) thirty years, youth has already disappeared in the lonely and quiet long space, at this time I gently hit the keyboard recollection of childhood.
I remember when I was young, I was envious of the older people, probably because I was looking forward to growing up, looking at their work, buying what they liked, and looking forward to the day when I was simple and naive. I didn't remember any mobile phones, computers, and animated movies. I have to see it.
Day after day and year after year, from the beginning of the job to the present, I remember the first job was the first job because I was far away from home. At the age of twenty, I had the first job (a clerk) to get a salary of less than one thousand yuan a month. My own little day was very pleasant.
But people always want to grow up, people's life is actually like a game, read it, understand that you are easy to pass the customs, do not understand, and are at a loss of self challenge, in the time of money manipulation, the reality of helplessness, people have to rush to work every day, people often say that the world is three, happen to be thirty This year I chose the business (machine tool accessories) this industry, although it is small white but still have a resolutely contact with the industry, although the time is not long, but I am very deep in the business feelings, although it is small but learned very well, it is easy to do, since the choice of their own favorite do not deal with many difficulties to do the best, there is a sentence How to say, if you want a dignitary before you, you must suffer from human suffering. You don't pay for the admiration of others.
To this day, I still continue, the road is still so long, no matter what is waiting for me is bumpy or flat, I must insist, not afraid, although a person with my growing up with the maturity and sensibility, follow the years, silently walk, do every minute of the future.