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Application of steel strip packing machine in rare metal industry

2018/7/12 21:19:44 Viewers:
The steel strip packing machine is widely used in steel, zinc ingot, lead ingot, aluminum ingot, steel plate section, copper copper pipe, horse iron, wire rope and so on. The selection of steel strip packing machine can be selected according to the width of steel strip, the way of biting and manual packing and pneumatic packing.
First, the manual steel strip packing is not restricted by the packing site. It is usually made up of manual steel belt tension machine and manual steel belt locking machine. The locking machine is divided into two teeth bite buckles and single tooth bite buckles. The manual steel belt packer and the form of non buckle packing are not needed for the steel buckle to achieve the effect of the bundle.
Two, the pneumatic steel belt is packed with compressed air as the driving force to achieve the effect of tightening and biting.
1: the separation type pneumatic steel strip packer is composed of pneumatic steel belt tension machine and pneumatic steel belt locking machine. First, tension machine is used to reach the purpose of tightening, and the lock press is used to lock the steel belt and the steel belt is cut and cut.
2: the linkage pneumatic steel belt baler, which integrates tension, biting and cutting, can improve work efficiency.