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The generality of hardware accessories

2018/6/11 18:24:19 Viewers:
Hardware fittings have higher requirements for versatility, interchangeability, functionality and decoration. The diversification of the base material, the reform of the structure and the increase of the function of use, the function of the furniture hardware is no longer only the connection of the decoration and part of the movable parts. The function of the furniture is more and more strong, and the areas involved are becoming more and more wide. It will improve the production efficiency, lower the cost, improve the quality of the product and enhance the quality of the product. The competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets and the creation of benefits have played a positive role. The development and introduction of the hardware accessories of the Xiong tiger mountain, the renewal and improvement of its function, style and quality also endow the constant update and development of the style and function of the home. Furniture home hardware can be roughly divided into two categories: decorative hardware and functional hardware. Today, with the development of industrial production level, under the guidance of industrial design theory, the two are gradually moving towards the brand.