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The working principle of the inlet valve assembly of air compressor

2018/6/5 11:08:33 Viewers:
For the screw air compressor, the general rule of intake valve is that the intake valve is electrified and the power failure is unloaded. Sometimes our device has a slightly larger current when it is unloaded, and 22KW has 31A when it is unloaded. It is initially suspected that the intake valve is not strict, because when the gas is not used, the pressure will rise slowly after the machine is unloaded, and sometimes the high pressure alarm stops! And after the shutdown, there are still some residual pressure inside the machine that can not be discharged (around 6 kg), leading to the overloading of the main engine when the machine is started again.
When the screw air compressor inlet valve belongs to the normally open intake valve, the solenoid valve is opened when the screw air compressor is not loaded, and the solenoid valve is closed after the compressor is loaded. When the solenoid valve opens, there will be a gas to close the intake valve, but it can not be completely shut down, and the intake space is kept to maintain the minimum pressure required for the lubrication of the compressor. This pressure is generally 1. 5bar; after the solenoid valve is closed, the compression will enter the normal working state until the working pressure is set, depending on the user. The intake valve has two pipes and emptying one way, and the remaining gas in the valve is released to ensure normal loading of the compressor. When discharging, the current is too large, which indicates that the tank pressure is higher and the inlet valve opening is large. Please adjust the empty screw to ensure that the tank pressure will not be too high.
After the screw air compressor is stopped, the tank pressure can be completely emptied in about 60 seconds, that is, the pressure is 0. And your tank pressure is 6bar, indicating that there is a problem with the vent valve vent pipe: 1. The diameter of the pipe may be too fine; 2. The hole of the combination valve is too small or whether it is clogged or not.
After unloading, the pressure will rise slightly back and forth, but this is only a balance need, and the time is very short. It will not go up to high pressure stop. The high voltage shutdown should be the problem of the solenoid valve of the air compressor. Please check whether it is in good condition and whether it can work normally. No matter what intake valve, the tank pressure should be maintained at 1 during unloading. 0~2. Between 0BAR. Too high for screw air compressor energy is a great waste.