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The common sense of decorating the door closer, manual collection

2018/10/12 10:06:00 Viewers:
Who invented the modern door closer?

We call the modern hydraulic door closer, which began with a patent registered by the Americans in the early twentieth century. Unlike traditional door closers, it is through the door closer.

The liquid in the medium is throttled to achieve a buffering effect.

What is the role of the door closer in addition to closing the door?

The core of the hydraulic door closer design idea is to realize the control of the closing process, so that the various functional indicators of the closing process can be adjusted according to the needs of the person.

Section. The significance of the door closer is not only to automatically close the door, but also to protect the door frame and the door body (smoothly closed), and more importantly, the door closer has become

An indispensable part of the intelligent management of the building.

Door closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but they are also used at home. They have many uses, the most important of which is to make the door

Close by yourself to limit the spread of fire and ventilation in the building.

What issues should I consider when choosing a door closer?

Before choosing a door closer, you should consider: door weight, door width, door opening frequency, use requirements and use environment.

Door weight and door width are the premise of choosing the model of the door closer. Generally, the door weight is small and the model with small power is selected. First, it is very easy to open the door, and it is installed on the door.

Coordinating aesthetics; second, small products are generally more economical, and vice versa.

The opening frequency is closely related to the quality requirements of the product.

First, the door closer is required to have good sealing performance and no oil leakage. The key is the technology and material of the dynamic sealing. Second, the life of the door closer is required to be long.

It can guarantee long-term and normal use after installation, reduce the workload and cost of maintenance and renewal, and also feel the convenience and enjoyment of door closer products.


Usage requirements include:

1). Is there an automatic stop function after opening the door?

2). Damping buffer function

Damping buffer is generated after quick opening to a certain position.

Moreover, the damping buffer force and range can be adjusted according to the use requirements;

This function is used to prevent the door or lock from colliding with the wall when the door is opened quickly.

Or to prevent people from losing weight when opening the door in an emergency escape and tilting forward to the ground.

3). Delayed slow closing

The door is slowly closed at a constant speed from the maximum position of the door opening, and can be adjusted steplessly according to requirements.

It is suitable for use in ordinary and crowded places, especially in hospitals, with doors and passages for the elderly, children and disabled.

4). Closed power adjustable function

Can be installed on different doors with a wide range of door weights and door widths.

And places where the resistance is high due to environmental reasons

Free and stepless adjustment can get satisfactory closing power,

It is especially useful in coastal cities, where vehicles and ships often change due to wind resistance.

5). Use environment: Fire protection requirements (fire protection requirements), anti-freeze requirements (places of minus 35 degrees in northern winter)