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CNC lathe processing: retaining customers is the driving force for enterprises to adhere to!

2018/12/6 12:00:10 Viewers:
CNC lathe processing: retaining customers is the driving force for enterprises to adhere to! The cost of accessing traffic on the Internet is getting higher and higher. Every click is precious, and retaining existing customers is becoming more and more important.

What can be done to effectively retain customers when making inquiries?

I. Attracting Buyers'Eyes with Products

1. Product pictures make buyers want to see: more product information in Alibaba is conveyed to buyers through pictures. The first step for customers to trust our products is to start with the first picture.

The first thing that attracts customers is the picture of the product itself. The second one is the introduction of your product. The product introduction should be concise and concise, and then highlight the advantages of the product. Let people see the characteristics of the product at a glance and attract it.

2. Retain your buyers with services

Service attitude is good or not, mainly depends on whether you have patience, some buyers ask very detailed, and some also like to ask questions one by one, regardless of whether you buy or not to understand, meet such buyers, we must patiently answer, not love to ignore, such buyers even if they do not buy now, will generally come to buy in the future. Your product is a very important potential customer. If he is satisfied with your attitude, he usually comes to your shop first when he needs this kind of product.

3. After the buyer receives the goods, remember how the customers feel about the products

1. It seems that you attach importance to customer care and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Be knowledgeable about your products and collect customers'suggestions.

4. After-sales service to retain repeat customers

It's much easier to retain an old customer than to launch a new one. Generally speaking, if the buyer feels that your goods are good, he will not want to change the seller again. In addition, your service attitude is first-rate, so he needn't worry about your customers going shopping elsewhere. To do a good after-sales service is to deliver goods to the buyer in time after the buyer has paid the money. We also need to check the package's "itinerary" after delivery. Don't wait until the seller asks why the goods haven't arrived. Don't let the buyer worry! If the buyer is not satisfied with the goods, we should be brave enough to assume responsibility, exchange the goods for the buyer and return the goods. We should reassure the buyer and satisfy the buyer. Only in this way can we welcome the buyer to continue shopping. Many people like a store. If they can approve of what they have bought in this store, most of them will collect it. As a seller, we must have a good relationship with the buyers we have exchanged with. Maybe these buyers'friends, or friends of friends, are your next customers!