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Safety common sense of car workers

2018/5/16 8:41:53 Viewers:
In general, it should be done: (entering the workplace)
1. work is to wear tight work clothes or tight clothes.
2. the lathe worker wears a work cap, and the gay woman's hair is braid in his hat.
3. work, the head can not be too close to work. Prevent the cutting from flying into the eye. A goggle must be worn if the spatter is spatter.
The 4. hand and body cannot be close to the rotating machine. You can't make fun of these places.
5. the workpiece and lathe tool must be firmly clamped or fly out to injure people.
6. when the workpiece and chuck are removed too heavy, do not ask for help from one person.
When the 7. lathe turns, do not measure the workpiece. The surface of the workpiece can not be used.
8. unavailable hand hard crumbs. Use a special hook to remove.
9. do not use the hand habit to brake the rotating chuck.
When 10. chuck runs, you can't work with gloves in the work.
The 11. electric hubbum is in trouble, do not take any personal dismantling. No expansion of the fault.
12. when turning workpiece, do not walk away from the machine.
13. when grinding tool, (turn off the motor) to close the machine.