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Technical requirements of electromagnetic pulse valve

2018/6/26 11:32:03 Viewers:
1. The working pressure of the product is 0.1MPa ~ 0.7MPa, and the medium is air after degreasing and water treatment.
2. Under the nominal air pressure state of the product, when the working voltage of the solenoid valve is 85% of the rated voltage, the opening response time of the electromagnetic pulse valve should be less than 0.03s.
3, when the working gas source pressure is 0.1MPa, the pulse valve can be closed.
4, the product should be able to withstand the pressure of the gas source of 0.8MPa.
5, under the specified environmental conditions, the insulation resistance of the electromagnetic coil to the housing should be greater than 1M ohm.
6, under the condition of room temperature of 5 degree to 35 degrees, and relative humidity not more than 85%, the electromagnetic coil can withstand the voltage of 50Hz and 250V for the shell, and it has no breakdown in 1min.
7, the electromagnetic pulse valve should be able to work normally after the vibration of 20Hz, 2mm and 30min.
8, under normal service conditions, the cumulative service life of diaphragm should be greater than 800 thousand times.
9, the appearance of the valve has no obvious damage such as coating peeling, scratching, burr and so on.
10, the large diameter and ultra low pressure electromagnetic pulse valve is used for pressure less than 0.1Mpa, the compressed air is used and the gas is not affected by the gas in the pipe network. The operation is stable and reliable. (0.05~0.1Mpa)