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A few things that a successful businessman must do every day

2018/5/25 10:58:14 Viewers:

Products, lack of sales, the Internet has become the only way we start.
If we are not the Internet, we will not be able to get home. We are making products, but for whom? Before the big company work too easy Amateur Open Taobao store, then why do we not also put our products on the network sales, so the cost is greatly reduced, think of the second days I found the network platform to find the same day, Ali registered the good faith, has been on the online transaction so to now all my guests All households are online, and some online customers will bring customers who are not Internet users in their area. But slowly, there are some bottlenecks.

The first thing: close attention to the change of data
The word "big data" is very popular now. In fact, the small data in Ali is also important. The first thing to go to work every day is to go to Ali Wangwang, click on the "daily focus" that pops up automatically, and see the "seller's growth" plate, which has a "business staff". I will arrange a day's work based on the data provided by this plate so that I can get the remedy, because the data is the most true response to your website.

From this data perspective, some people may think that such a display is not high, 5A business does not seem to be difficult. Here we need to explain, because our company mainly produces pressure riveting screws, car car charging hardware, plastic screws, machine meter fasteners and other kinds of electronic products. And the customers of search electronic products are very strong in terms of purpose, and the probability of transaction is relatively high. Yesterday, clicking 94 times showed that 94 people visited our shop.

Second things: a new product on a daily basis
Uploading a new product every day will bring a lot of traffic to the store.  This is not the secret, the emphasis on insistence, if you and I, insist on adding new products to the shop every day, the flow of shops will gradually increase, insist on continuous optimization and promotion, I believe you will see the return soon. Sometimes, what you lack is the insistence of a new product every day.
The third thing: insist on optimizing the title of the product

In addition to clearly expressing product attributes, I also suggest that you should think more about the key words they may search for when the title is optimized. And some words, such as "good quality" "XX", "good back" and "good word of mouth", don't have much to write, because customers rarely search for them. Too much useless keyword accumulation will only take up space, and the gains will not pay.
At the same time, you can also compare your key words with your peers and combine your own characteristics.