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How to choose the electric drum

2018/12/24 15:34:44 Viewers:
Electric drum is divided into oil-immersed electric drum and external electric drum.

Oil-immersed electric drum: Compared with the external drum, it has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied space, convenient use and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, good sealing performance, and can be applied to workplaces with high dust concentration and wet muddy, etc. It can meet various requirements of glue coating and backstop. The motor is in the cylinder, which needs to be filled with oil before using. The amount of oil injected is 1/3 of the diameter of the cylinder.

The outer-mounted electric drum motor is outside the drum. It has good heat dissipation, easy disassembly and assembly, and easy maintenance. Oil injection is required before use, and the amount of oil injection is 1/3 of the diameter of the drum.