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Use of sand jars

2018/6/9 12:27:35 Viewers:

The 1. sandblasting tank is to use 5-7 kilograms / square centimeter of compressed air to drive the sand through the special nozzle, and spray on the metal surface at high speed to achieve the purpose of rust removal. This method of rust removal is based on the impact and friction of the angle of ordinary sand. It makes the rust and other pollution completely removed, and a surface with a certain roughness and showing the intrinsic color of silver gray metal is obtained. Thus, the anticorrosion layer has good bonding force.
2. the sand jar equipment is generally said to have two forms. When the sand particles are in the sand tank, the pressure is pressed into the compressed air and then pressed into the three pipe part of the bottom of the tank, where it is then mixed with the compressed air and transported along the rafters to the nozzle to be ejected.
3. the suction sand is compressed into the nozzle and is ejected together. This effect is due to the vacuum caused by high velocity compressed air. Because the ore particles themselves do not need pressure, so it is not necessary to have a special sanding tank, which can be directly sanding in a human sand pile with a hose, so the equipment is simple, convenient to carry and convenient for construction (as long as the conditions of compressed air) are convenient, and the wear of the hose is small, but the production efficiency is low, and the inhalation is high. It has a certain range, the operation control is not convenient, the sand flow is easy to cause the intermittent phenomenon. It is not suitable for the needs of production and development, so it has been less used in the actual production. We mainly introduce the extruded sand jar.
4. structure and operation process of sandblasting tank: there are two kinds of sand jar structure in general, and the sand jar is welded by ordinary carbon steel. After the equipment is made, it should be inspected according to the requirements of the general pressure equipment. The outer cone of the valve should be lined with rubber outside, so that it is easy to compress the bell mouth part of the lower part of the charging port and play a sealing role.