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Working principle of pulse dust collector in gas box

2018/7/18 20:43:50 Viewers:
The dust gas is from the inlet of the dust collector into the air inlet of the bellows (32 series from the ash bucket) into the clapboard to turn to the ash bucket. At the same time, the velocity of the air flow is slow. Because of the inertia effect, the coarse particle dust in the gas falls into the ash bucket, and the fine dust particles enter the filter chamber with the air flow, and the dust is attached to the exterior of the filter bag and the gas after purification. Through the filter bag, we enter the upper cleaning room, which is collected by the cleaning rooms and drained out by the main fan of the dust collecting system and discharged into the atmosphere.
With the continuous filtration process, dust on the surface of the filter bag is increasing and the resistance of airflow is increasing. When a certain resistance value is passed (example 1770Pa), it can be manually operated according to the need, and can also be controlled by an electronic control instrument of the fixed or timing cleaning program, automatically controlling the lifting valve of the first division of the starting dust collector, cutting off the air flow through the filter chamber, and opening the high pressure compressed air released by the electromagnetic pulse valve, and in the first chamber gas box. All filter bags are pulsing and blowing ash (stopping air cleaning) to make every filter bag swollen suddenly, so that the dust accumulated in the bag table will be recovered to the beginning of use, and the dust sink is not applied to the ash bucket. Then the program control instrument opens the lifting valve at the prescribed interval to restore the filter in the first room, and then starts the second room. The lifting valve, closing the filtration air in the second room, opening the electromagnetic pulse valve of the second division room to release the high pressure compressed air, and blowing the dust on all the filter bags in the second compartment box, and clearing the dust on the second chamber filter bag, then the program control instrument opens the second compartment lift valve to restore the filtering of the second division chamber. Since then, according to the pre specified electronic control procedures, the third compartment and the third compartment... The filter bag was stopped by air blowing and ash cleaning until the last compartment cleaned up, and the electric control device was closed, and the dust collector was resumed for official filtration and dust collection. The time interval between the filter and the air blows and the blowing time, the interval between the compartments and the cleaning period are controlled by the program-controlled instrument, and the time is adjustable.