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What are the advantages of CNC parts processing?

2018/5/9 17:31:07 Viewers:
Why should CNC parts be processed? Since it is necessary to do so, it is reasonable. First of all, the spindle speed and feed range of the CNC parts are larger than that of the general lathe. The most Jia cutting amount can be used in each process. The structural rigidity of the CNC lathes allows the CNC lathe to carry out the powerful cutting of the large cutting amount, thus effectively saving the time of maneuver. The moving parts of CNC lathe are controlled by acceleration and deceleration in the fixed Wei, and the high speed of air travel can be selected. The machine works shortens the fixed Wei and non cutting time. When using a machining center with a tool bank and an automatic knife change device, the work work process can be completed only once by one clip, which reduces the turnover time of the semi-finished product, and the production efficiency is very high. The quality of CNC parts is stable, and the inspection time can be reduced. The numerical control lathe can improve the efficiency 2 to 3 times than the ordinary lathe, and the productivity of complex parts can be increased by ten times or even dozens of times.
The processing technology of CNC parts is a mechanical and electrical integration product which is formed by the new technology represented by numerical control system to the traditional machinery manufacturing industry. The required processing conditions, such as feed speed, spindle speed and tool selection, are all stipulated in the instruction code in advance, and the whole processing process is made automatically and artificially caused. Machining error is very small. CNC lathe and clearance and error in transmission can also be compensated by CNC system. Therefore, the machining precision of numerical control lathe is high. In addition, CNC lathe can be operated repeatedly, with good dimensional consistency and reduced reject rate.
The processing of CNC precision parts processing parts is completed automatically according to the program compiled in advance. The operator, in addition to the operation of the keyboard, the handling of the workpiece, the intermediate detection of key processes and the observation of the operation of the lathe, does not require a complex and repetitive manual operation, and the labor intensity and tension can be greatly reduced. In addition, precision parts processing generally has better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication devices. CNC lathes do not have to use a lot of tooling like general lathes. They only need a small number of fixtures. Once the part drawing is modified, the new part can be processed in a short time only by modifying the corresponding part of the program. Therefore, the production cycle is short and the flexibility is strong, which provides favorable conditions for the production of multiple varieties and small quantities and the development of new products.