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Automobile parts quality and safety demonstration area was officially launched.

2018/5/9 14:38:55 Viewers:
Recently, the preparatory meeting of Ningbo Yinzhou export hardware and tools, automobile parts quality and safety demonstration zone was held in Yinzhou District. The conference discussed the two system documents, such as "Yinzhou export hardware tools, the implementation plan for the construction of the demonstration zone for the quality and safety of auto parts", "Yinzhou export hardware tools, the supervision and management methods for the quality and safety demonstration zone of automobile parts and parts", and made clear the division of responsibilities of the small members of the leading members of the demonstration zone and the demonstration of the demonstration. Area check and acceptance related requirements. The convening of the conference marks the official launch of the two provincial demonstration zones for the export of hardware tools and auto parts in Yinzhou.

As the gathering place of the hardware industry, Yinzhou District has 1135 production enterprises with a total output value of 25 billion 900 million yuan. The product covers more than twenty thousand kinds of hardware products, hardware tools, daily hardware and so on. With the continuous upgrading and development of the products, the hardware tool production enterprises continue to promote the development of high technology and information technology in the hardware industry with the help of electronic information, new materials and other high-tech industries, and use new and high technology to transform the traditional technology to realize the continuity, automation and product quality of the production processes. Great progress has been made in the fields of microelectronics biotechnology, equipment technology, network technology and information technology. The overall technical level of the hardware industry is in the leading position in China, and some areas have achieved international leading position. By the end of 2017, there were 1135 hardware tools production enterprises in Yinzhou District, with total output value of 25 billion 900 million yuan, total import and export about 1 billion 500 million US dollars, more than 5 metal products employees, 3 well-known trademarks in China and 19 provincial export brands, which had grown into one of Yinzhou District's pillar industries and became the national scale ahead of time. The hardware product distribution center with full function and strong radiation has gradually developed into the national hardware and technology development research and pilot base, the hardware product information center and the technical exchange center.

In 2016, the auto parts industry has become the highest sales industry in Ningbo. It is also the first advantage and pillar industry of Yinzhou District, and also the export base of Ningbo. By the end of 2017, the total number of auto parts enterprises in Yinzhou District was over 500, with a total output value of over 25 billion yuan. Among them, there were 205 auto parts enterprises with export delivery value above the scale, with total output value exceeding 16 billion 700 million yuan and 19 thousand employees, with 24 hundreds of millions of enterprises, 60 50 million enterprises, 35 high-tech enterprises and 2 countries. There are 13 provincial-level enterprise technology centers. Yinzhou auto parts industry develops and produces all kinds of products. It covers all four kinds of 60 categories, including automobile power assembly, automobile chassis, body and accessories, electrical instruments and related parts. It covers the major automobile assembly, especially with the characteristics of machined parts, rubber and plastic parts and stamping parts, which has formed the industry. Characteristic cluster and high degree of industrial agglomeration. At present, auto parts enterprises have 12 export brands, of which 1 are export brands, 3 are municipal export brands, and 8 are district level export brands.

In view of the characteristics of Yinzhou automotive hardware tools and auto parts industry, the Yinzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau will establish a series of convenient service measures in the next step. The risk management of imported goods in the demonstration area should be implemented, and the results of the third party inspection should be vigorously promoted, and the traceability mechanism for the quality and safety of export commodities should be explored. Local governments will be encouraged to invest in special funds to build demonstration zones and demonstrate the effectiveness of the demonstration area. The export hardware tools and automobile parts quality safety demonstration zones are made into new business cards made in Yinzhou.