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Heat treatment: allowing industrial parts to live longer

2018/5/9 15:14:13 Viewers:
Heat treatment is one of the important basic technologies in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is also one of the core technologies to improve the manufacturing level of the machinery. It is very important for our country to realize the strategic goal of the manufacturing power. Since the reform and opening up, the private enterprises in China have grown up like bamboo shoots after the rain. Although these enterprises have different development and different size of enterprises, they have played a more or less role in the development of the whole national economy. Its economic sum also plays an important role in supporting the national economy.

Heat treatment is one of the most energy consuming processes in the machinery manufacturing industry. With the economic development entering a new normal state, the optimization of industrial structure is speeded up, the speed of energy consumption is slowing down, and the development of resources, high energy consumption and high emission industry is slowing down. However, it must be pointed out that with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization and the continuous upgrading of the consumption structure, the energy demand of our country is increasing, and the problem of resource and environment is still one of the bottlenecks that restrict the economic and social development of our country, and the energy saving and emission reduction is still serious and the task is arduous.

As a private hot processing enterprise, how in the current environment, how to achieve steady and long-term development? With such a problem, hundreds of media news center to visit the grassroots journalists in Liaoning Shenyang Fufeng machinery limited liability company. The company is a key professional heat treatment company in Shenyang. It is an excellent employee unit of China Heat Treatment Association. It is the heat treatment standard enterprise of China Heat Treatment Association. The plant covers an area of 6000 square meters and a building area of 4800 square meters.

In a chat with the chairman of Zhang Chuanren, we learned that he retired in 2000 and began to think about what he could do in the future.  At that time, he had neither funds nor plant and equipment at hand, so he wanted to start his own business.

But as a communist, it should not shrink from difficulties, because many of the martyrs are growing up by overcoming difficulties, so he contacted several factory and college heat treatment workshops, rented factories and equipment, borrowed tens of thousands of yuan from relatives, and organized several comrades continuously 24 small. He does not stop production and processing, but he eats and lives in factories.

In the early days of his business, no matter whether it was raining or snowy days, he drove his motorcycle to work on industrial products and insisted on it every day. The high frequency electric stove is broken, and no money is available to buy it. Then, it helps colleges and universities to borrow money to buy electrical appliances (many colleagues at that time advised me to give up). However, the chairman of the vigorous Zhang still insisted, did not give up, from early to late contact customers, a wide range of friends, and finally touched the "God" with a sincere attitude, processing products to our factory continuously.

Chairman Zhang also told us: "with strong perseverance, we can run a good company". He always insisted that the unqualified products would not come out of the factory and win the trust of many customers with excellent products.

The enterprise came all the way through the wind and rain. Chairman Zhang said: to the fourth year, the enterprise gradually gained profit and bought the freight car to take the workpiece for the customer in the same year. In the eighth year, under the premise of ensuring the employees' open capital, the accumulated funds have been accumulated to buy five kinds of 12 product inspection machines, hardness, carbon potential control instruments, and the advanced inspection equipment, guaranteed the products. Quality.

In retrospect of the development of the enterprise, from the construction equipment rental equipment to 33 production equipment and electric furnaces now, in the twelfth year, in the Party Central Committee, I mobilized a few comrades to collect about 2000000 yuan to buy 2 QR101 computerized fully automatic carburizing and quenching furnace. The production line later purchased 2 GCK1020B CNC automatic quenching machine tools, and purchased 2 GCK100ZVK semi-automatic medium frequency high frequency quenching machine tools, and purchased HT3000NH intelligent programmable nitrogen potential / temperature controller and other equipment. Using advanced equipment and processing technology to improve the accuracy of industrial machinery parts, so as to eliminate deformation and enhance the service life of accessories.

Pragmatism and innovation is a necessary factor for the long-term development of an enterprise. Our engineers and technicians carry forward the spirit of innovation, and the high school frequency induction and electromagnetic field are concentrated on the surface of the parts by concentrating the magnetic wave in copper. The processing speed is increased by 5 times. In the past few years, we have reused the skilled personnel, regularly training the employees and regularly assessing, and constantly improving the management system of the enterprises, especially the high quality reward system of the products. Every month is evaluated, the violation of rules and regulations, the timely summary, the reasons for the economic losses are criticized or The penalty is to give the staff the example of work and study, to adhere to the post responsibility and to serve the customers enthusiastically.

Over the past seventeen years, our company has always insisted on product quality first, customer service first, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of tired, with two trucks for customers to take off the work pieces, from a few kilograms to several tons, all warm reception, adhere to the full month full service (staff shift rest), from the enterprises around Shenyang to the outside city, such as Anshan, Benxi City, Fushun City, Liaoyang City, Chaoyang City, Tieling City, Dandong city and many other cities, more than a dozen private enterprises, state-owned factories, a total of more than 300 friendly enterprises have established business contacts.