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Text can also achieve value, and writing articles can also bring orders!

2018/10/12 9:23:09 Viewers:
  For writing articles and writing records, it is just a hobby, just like some people like to play the piano, some people like football, dancing... It’s that simple, without any private thoughts, this state of mind is The most enjoyable, the easiest to calm down, to do something with the heart.


  For the writing of articles, records, in the age of technology, communication, and network development, it is no longer like the paper age, so it is rare to do this by writing to make money.


  Now, all of them are based on hobbies and interests, write down the logs, and take notes. The right is to be used as a memory of their own way, just to show it to themselves. It is said that people must have a hobby and faith support. This is money and power can't be changed.


  When we have an interest of our own, no matter how hard life is, it can be regarded as a kind of psychological sustenance. When we go all the way, we all have to do our own thing, in the "fear of heart", this How happy it is.


  If there is no hobby that belongs to one's heart, we are busy, and the heart is flustered like the one that is often transmitted online: "every day, mother, the key is not making money! How hard!" This is the state, and we will soon be out of balance. Therefore, I feel that there is a happiness in my faith that belongs to my hobbies. It's not by writing to feed, it's just a spiritual food, you can't steal it!


  I didn't think I could write much before, but when I didn't take it as a task, I only found it as a record, a log, an article, two articles, and many articles, one day, two days, and many days. As Lu Xun said: There is no way in the world, and there are people who have more to go. It may be like writing a record. The record book is not written. If you write more, you will have your own annual record.


Although the log is quiet there, there is no economic benefit, but sometimes when you are helpless or frustrated, you will have a different harvest to resonate and will take yourself out of this temporary dilemma.


But you said that writing an article record does not produce any value of interest, but what happened is a subversion of the traditional view of the value I bring to the text. I am doing the light. I used to do business. I didn’t send text messages, or send them in bulk. In short, I tried to add some potential customers, but the results were very small. After all, these strange customers are strange to us and it is difficult to get in. Their resistance to the world.


In the past, I will take the initiative to send QQ advertisements and Want Want advertisements, but the harvest is still very small. Some customers are even very disgusted, so there are very few orders that can be generated. It is said that this is an ultra-fast development, fast-growing society. In the past, the way to go door-to-door, find customers, and make a phone call one by one, this way of pulling business is getting harder and harder.


This traditional way, like the monster game upgrade game, wasted on the security guards with the gatekeeper to take up most of the time, fortunately passed to you, can not find a big boss, still a question. Even if you can find a big boss for you, how much you can convince them to order you.


So the world is changing, we are unchanged, and we may be changed. Slowly found a strange phenomenon, because often write log records, life, what to think, everyday. Some potential customers, strange customers, will slowly take the initiative to follow you and understand you. The result is that if they need this kind of light, they will come back to you. How amazing, I used to chase customers thousands of times, resisting thousands of times, but now it is looking for you.


I also think about what happened in the end. Some customers will say that through your article records, knowing your daily life, like a brand, establishes a cognitive value, from resistance to trust. This is either sharing articles and sharing the magical charm of the text.


 Although I don't deliberately cater to customers to write records, I feel that this is a change that I feel is very magical in my business. The text just happened to have the value of his interests. Although it is not deliberately created by myself, often, the trust of customers is yours. From here, the text is in it, the text is like a person. This is the charm of the text.


Business is going to the end of the day, but hobbies are never stopped. As a slogan says: As long as you know where to go, the world will make way for you! I hope that until the day I go, there will be a hobby that belongs to my heart.


As a child's father, I have always insisted on making stories and telling stories for children. Although I feel that I have made a particularly bad compilation, it is especially magical. Children like to accompany you, come all the way, listen to stories, tell stories. Suddenly there is a whimsy. Although I have been making stories and telling stories to children, they are all improvised every day and have not been recorded.


Or you can record these stories and build up a lot. After a few years, make a story book for the grown-up children and tell them that their father and mother are telling these stories and accompanying you. . Will it be of great significance? Recording the story, recording the text, or letting the children feel that childhood is like this, there is a word record, there are traces to find!


These are the reasons why you are willing to write records, articles, and sharing, all the way! The charm of the transcript, the memory of the text, the happiness brought to us, the touch is beyond our imagination, so I am willing to keep this little hobby to go on!