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What is the advantage of using an electric welding machine?

2018/5/22 9:49:22 Viewers:
The electric welding machine uses the high temperature arc produced by the positive and negative two poles in a short short circuit to melt the solder and the welded material on the electrode to achieve the purpose of combining them. The structure is very simple, is a large power transformer, electric welding machine generally according to the type of output power can be divided into two kinds, one is AC power, the other is DC. The system makes use of the principle of inductor to produce a huge voltage change when the inductance is connected and disconnected. The high voltage arc produced by the positive and negative poles in the short circuit is used to melt the solder on the electrode to achieve the purpose of combining them. Its advantages are as follows: the electric welding machine uses electric energy, converts electric energy into heat energy instantaneously, electricity is very common. Electric welding machine is suitable for working in the dry environment. It does not need too many requirements. Because of small size, easy operation, easy operation, fast speed, and welding seam bonding, it is widely used in various fields. Do not be very practical for very high required parts. The same metal material (which can be connected by different metal, only welding method is different) is permanent connection. After heat treatment, the weld is as strong as the parent material, and the seal is very good. This solves the problem of sealing and strength for the manufacture of the storage gas and liquid container.
But in some areas, the efficiency of electric welders is much lower, such as stud welding. In general, the price of the stud welding machine is more expensive in the inspection of the site which is not strict and irregular. Some construction units often use electric welding machine to complete the stud welding. In this case, the electric welder has a significant disadvantage compared to the stud welder. 1, the welding efficiency is low. In general, the efficiency of the stud welder is 1 minutes 15, while the electric welding machine can only weld 2 at most 1 minutes. 2, welding is poor and welding. Because the stud welder is completely burned at the bottom, the fastness and aesthetics are better than the former.